Infinite Launch-After completing $2.2 million in financing, the next disruptive Launchpad on Kucoin goes public

Unlimited launch It is a next-generation cross-chain gateway for top-level decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-homogeneous token (NFT) projects, with a unique distribution mechanism. The goal of the platform is to allow investors to access the allocation pool regardless of the amount of money.

Infinite Launch has raised $2.2 million in funding from well-known investors such as IBA, Everse Capital, Lotus Capital, and Phoenix Newtribe. By combining industry expertise with its extensive strategic network, these investors provide Infinite Launch with value far beyond money. In addition, Infinite Launch intends to raise funds to fund all future projects on the Launchpad platform.

Infinite Launch has developed a new system called the Diamond-hand mechanism, which helps create long-term investors for DeFi and NFT projects, and minimizes attempts to skyrocket and plummet.

The Diamond-hand mechanism encourages token holders to lock their tokens for a longer period of time, thus ensuring the allocation of time slots. The Infinite Launch platform is designed to prevent small investors from getting enough profits from the Launchpad project after IDO. Large investors often dump tokens when they go public.

“We have created an innovative system to solve the main pain points of small investors when investing in launch pad projects. Small investors lack the financial resources to obtain rankings and obtain guaranteed allocations, so they must rely on luck to obtain IDO positions​​. Said Henry V, co-founder of Infinite Launch.

It is also worth noting that Infinite Launch will be listed on Kucoin after IDO, which is one of the largest centralized exchanges in the crypto field. It will be listed on KuCoin at 11:00 AM UTC on November 25, 2021.

Infinite Launch seems to be positioned as one of the leading IDO launch pads. According to the platform’s goals and vision, this Launchpad looks promising and will explode.

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