India’s largest port operator will avoid cargo from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran

India’s largest port operator said that after seizing nearly three tons of heroin, it will no longer process cargo from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan starting next month.

Adani Port, a subsidiary of the Adani Group, said on Monday that from November 15th, its “trade consultation” will apply to all terminals it operates, including third-party terminals.

It did not give a reason, but the decision was made after nearly three tons (6,600 pounds) of heroin were seized from two containers at Mundra Port in Gujarat on the west coast of India last month.

Authorities said the cargo came from Afghanistan and was estimated to be worth 2.65 billion U.S. dollars, making it one of the largest such cargoes in the country’s history.

In September, the Indian authorities also seized heroin worth more than 20 million U.S. dollars and detained six Iranian men in a deep-sea anti-drug case off the coast of Gujarat.

In response to the seizure, Adani Port stated that it has no right to inspect millions of tons of cargo passing through its terminal.

Mundra Port is India’s main economic and logistics gateway. It handled 144.4 million tons of cargo last year. It also has the country’s largest coal import terminal.

Although the United States has made major efforts to combat the drug trade, the vast majority of opium and heroin in the world come from Afghanistan.

Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China are the main smuggling routes and huge markets for Afghan drugs.

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