India remains neutral on Ukraine war, previews G-20 term at UN

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — India’s foreign minister laid out the country’s plans for the country’s turn as the G-20 presidency in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday.

India assumed the guise of a consortium of major developed and developing countries in December. Subramanyam Jaishankar said India’s approach would be “based on the principles of mutual respect and national ownership, and a commitment to sustainable development for all”.

Priority issues for India include growing debt in a weak economy, economic expansion, food and energy security, the environment, and “governance reform of multilateral financial institutions”.

although India expresses concern About Russia’s War in the South Asian Country of Ukraine – It’s Well Known Non-alignment during the Cold War – Has maintained a neutral stance, refused to sever commercial relations with Russia and join Western sanctions.

“As the conflict in Ukraine continues to unfold, we are often asked which side we are on. Every time our answer is straightforward,” Jashankar said. “India is on the side of peace and will stand firmly there.”

He called for constructive dialogue, diplomacy and action to resolve conflicts for all.

“We’re on the side of those struggling to make ends meet, even as they stare at rising food, fuel and fertilizer costs,” he added.

Jaishankar has repeatedly cited the scarcity and expensiveness of the three staples and said India has had to deal with other challenges, while “global attention has been on Ukraine”.

At last year’s high-level meeting, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes aim at India’s neighbours They are not named explicitly. His foreign minister took a similar approach this year, alluding to cross-border terror attacks but not naming Pakistan or China.

“India, which has borne the brunt of cross-border terrorism for decades, is a firm advocate of zero tolerance,” he said. “We believe that no act of terrorism, no matter the motive, is justified. No words, no matter how sanctimonious, can cover up the blood.”

Comments follow Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif delivered most of his speech Friday accuses India of supporting terrorism itself. Sharif also raised the thorny issue of Kashmir, which, like Modi last year, Jashankar did not address in his speech.

Jaishankar touted India’s aid to regional neighbors such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, as well as its role as “a bridge to resolve some serious but divisive issues” when the UN Security Council term expires.

He also acknowledged the 75th anniversary of India’s independence in August this year and pledged to make India a developed country and “liberate ourselves from a colonial mentality” by India’s 100th anniversary.


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