In the latest violation, Iran’s Mahan Airlines suffered a cyber attack

Tehran, Iran (Associated Press)-A cyber attack on Sunday interrupted access to Iran’s privately-owned Mahan Airlines, according to reports from state television. This is the latest in a series of cyber attacks on Iran’s infrastructure. , Putting the country in a state of tension.

Mahan Air’s website displays an error message stating that the website cannot be accessed. The airline said in a statement that it had “frustrated” the attack and its flight schedule was not affected, adding that it had faced similar violations in the past.

Many customers of Mahan Airlines across Iran received strange text messages on Sunday. An organization calling itself Hoosyarane-Vatan or Observer of the Motherland claimed in a large number of texts that the attack had been launched on the grounds that the airline cooperated with Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard Corps. The self-proclaimed hacker group did not provide any evidence.

Mahan Airlines flies from Tehran to dozens of destinations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The U.S. Department of the Treasury, which oversees sanctions compliance, blacklisted the airline in 2011 on the grounds that the airline was suspected of “providing financial, material and technical support” to the elite Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corps responsible for overseas activities in the Islamic Republic of Iran. . The Ministry of Finance accused Mahan Airlines of delivering weapons, cargo and personnel to the radical Hezbollah organization in Lebanon.

In recent months, major cyber attacks have hit various Iranian systems, including Once in October, gas stations across the country were paralyzed, Leaving angry motorists in long lines, unable to use government-issued cards to buy subsidized fuel. President Ebrahim Raisi, without naming his name, blamed the hacking on anti-Iranian forces that tried to spread chaos and destruction.

other The target is the railway system, Leading to a lot of chaos, dozens of trains were delayed and cancelled all over Iran.

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