Immersive P2E market with NFT

In today’s digital world, games are becoming more and more important, and the average gamer spends more than 8 hours a week in the digital field. With the introduction of cryptocurrency into the game field, a new game mode has emerged, called the Play-to-Earn mode.

The Play-to-Earn mode, as the name suggests, aims to help players win various cryptocurrencies, NFTs or other digital assets by playing games. As you can imagine, the P2E model became a hit because of its ability to win in-game assets and many exciting prizes.

During the pandemic, the growth of the P2E market was significantly promoted as people struggled for a stable income. The lucrative and rewarding P2E games help people do what they like to do and get a stable source of income. Some studies have shown that popular P2E games have even completely replaced the incomes of troubled households in emerging economies.

In addition to being profitable for players, P2E also helps new blockchain, DeFi and NFT projects gain momentum quickly. In this regard, more and more projects are incorporating P2E-based games into their ecosystems. However, some projects do not have the correct structure to support this movement. Fortunately, Momento has begun to connect all NFT projects that have no NFT use cases with their P2E game economy.

Momento’s P2E game economy

moment It is a DEFI + NFT project that aims to provide a platform where people can make money from the NFT they own, play exciting games, and make a living from it. The concept of DEFI, NFT and Play earning games is not understood by many people, so the project aims to provide an all-in-one solution so that everyone can easily and interactively understand all these aspects and actually use it and There are many ways to make money. Momento is one of the first projects aimed at doing such things. There will be a game earning (P2E) game, where NFT will be integrated into it, and an in-game betting feature that will enable people to earn passive income from the NFT they buy.

In this regard, Momento also designed the P2E game economy to help all NFT projects create a Play-to-Earn model and expand its use cases. The project is developing a game ecosystem where players can use various NFTs and $MOMENTO tokens in the game to win various rewards.

For example, in a football match, users can compete with each other and get exciting rewards, or in a casino, users can place bets with their NFT to win more NFTs against other players or use $MOMENTO tokens to compete against each other. Momento provides a profitable opportunity for the NFT project to expand its use cases and provide an immersive gaming experience in the P2E gaming economy.

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