I’m really scared-Ahan Shetty is making an intimate scene in Tadap

Ahan Shetty, son of veteran actor Sunil Shetty, is preparing for his Bollywood debut “Tadapu”. The actors will meet Tara Sutaria in the movie. One of the conclusions we drew from the trailer is that there are many exciting scenes in the movie. In the conversation with Zoom, Ahan revealed the intimate scenes in Tadap.

He said: “I was really scared. When I heard this story, no actress was locked in at first. In my mind, I thought,’Oh my God! Who am I going to do this with?’ But again, This is also part of the whole process. In the final analysis, it is filmmaking. I am not doing those scenes like Ahan, I do these scenes as a character.”

Ahan Shetty

“I filmed all those kissing scenes. I treated it as any other laughter or crying scene. You have to be free from that scene. It is very important for actors to get into the role and get rid of the role. You don’t want to” Keep that role, this is how I feel. Others disagree with this, but this is how I feel,” he added.

Tadap will be released in theaters on December 3 this year.

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