I’m Adidas: Kanye responds to Adidas scrutiny of him

Kanye West hits back at Adidas’ announcement that it is reviewing Yeezy deal with the controversial rapper, writing in a definitive statement Instagram Post, “F-Adidas, I’m Adidas.”

West’s post comes days after much of the fashion world condemned the American rapper, designer and entrepreneur for the shirt.

adidas It said on Thursday it would review the troubled partnership after several attempts to resolve the issue privately. “In the interim, we will continue to co-manage the current offering,” Adidas said in a statement. Shares in the German sportswear company fell 3 percent in morning trade in Frankfurt on Friday to a near six-year low.

Responding to the scrutiny alongside his closest corporate partners, Yeh posted a photo on Instagram of a screenshot of a CNBC report, captioned “F-Adidas, I was raped and stole my designs by Adidas.” Ye has since deleted the post.

This isn’t the first time Yeh has accused Adidas and outgoing CEO Casper Rosted of copying his designs. In June, Ye shared a photo of Adidas’ new $55 Adilette 22 sandals with the caption “Adidas’ own fake Yeezy,” possibly referring to his own $70 Yeezy slippers, which are available in color and are similar in shape.

The relationship may have been more strained when images of Adidas sneakers leaked, Originally thought to be Yeezys Since they are similar to Yeezy Foam Runner, they are identified as Exclusively produced by German sportswear brand.

Since then, Ye has rambled about the company on social media, posting photos of board members and even a doctored image of the company. New York Times Front page, falsely claiming that Rørsted is dead.

A fruitful partnership with adidas

The bitter split with Yeezy hurt Adidas more than it was willing to admit.

Adidas has said the Yeezy arrangement, which runs from 2013 to 2026, is the most successful collaboration in the history of the shoe industry. Rørsted told CNBC in August, “Kanye is our most important partner globally. We have a very, very good relationship with him. We are in constant communication with him. We are very proud of the relationship.”

The Yeezy line accounts for 8% of Adidas sales, according to a Sept. 16 report Cowan Analyst John Kernan.

Unlike his collaborators, Kanye refers to Adidas as his “new baby mom”. Speak at Bloomberg on September 12“I think we just have to manage these 350 shoes together,” said Ye, referring to the most popular shoe in Adidas’ Yeezy collection.

The Yeezy brand went through a similarly harsh breakup after it terminated its partnership with the retailer earlier this month. gap When Ye claimed he did not have enough control over what he sold in stores and online, he released the contract.

GlobalData managing director Neil Sanders said in a Sept. 15 report that the breakup was a blow for Gap, but not entirely unexpected. “Gap is a prudent company with an antiquated brand that generally avoids bold moves. By contrast, Kanye is a radical innovator who likes to change things,” Sanders wrote.

“The incompatibility of the two visions means setbacks are inevitable. In some ways, Kanye is too extreme for Gap.”

Did the same for Adidas, or did the Ye brand become too toxic to work with? In his tirade, Yeh accused fashion mogul and LVMH boss Bernard Arnault of killing his best friend Virgil Abloh, who died in November 2021 of a heart hemangiosarcoma, and bullying Vogue editor Gabriella for her fashion sense Karefa-Johnson, who caused outrage across the fashion world. Additionally, Ye released a video Friday morning of conservative pundit Tucker Carlson visiting Yeezy’s studio.

But if the Ye brand does become untouchable, Ye might welcome it, as he says he intends to leave it anyway. Looking back on his time at Adidas, Ye told Bloomberg, “I made money from companies. Those companies made me money. We created ideas that would change clothing forever. Like round jackets, foam slides and slides that changed the shoe industry. Same.”

But, he added, “It’s time for Ye to create a new industry. No more companies stand between me and the audience.”

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