IKEA’s latest wireless charger seems to be portable

IKEA has sold a variety of wireless chargers Since 2015, But must not be used without plugging into a wall outlet.It seems that this situation is about to change, because some eagle-eyed people showed pictures of a new portable Nordmärke Qi charger online Reddit usersThanks to the German media, we also provided some detailed information about the device Phone page turning, Which was obtained from a reader who bought it in a store in Cologne.

IKEA Nordmarke Qi charger

The individual paid 20 Euros (approximately US$22.64) to purchase a portable charger. Although it is not yet available online, you can see from the photos that it has a 6,500 mAh battery. It can charge your Qi compatible devices with extremely low power of 5W. You cannot find the power adapter or USB data cable in the box. It is up to you to provide these, so it is not as affordable as its price implies. However, a nice feature is that the internal battery can be replaced by the user.

We have contacted IKEA to find out if the company plans to sell Nordmärke portable Qi chargers in the United States. At the same time, if you are eager to find a way to charge your device anytime, anywhere, the best way is to buy a portable power bank. You can find products that cost less than $20. More importantly, they will be equipped with larger batteries than Nordmärke and can charge your device faster.

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