IFBB Bikini Pro Michelle Hurst Shares Her Favorite Exercises for Competition

IFBB Pro League Bikini competitor Michelle Hurst is one of the more active competitors in her division. She competed in seven contests in 2021 alone, highlighted by her victory in the Rising Phoenix Arizona Pro in the Over 40 category. She also won the Masters title in the 2017 Iron Games event. She also made a little history as the inaugural Pittsburgh Pro Masters champion.

The black belt in martial arts was already fit before she took the stage for the first time, but she’s taken her physique to a new level after she began her competitive career in 2012. During a recent sit-down with Femme Flex Friday hosts Whitney Jones and Lenda Murray, she shared a few of her training secrets that helped her excel in the gym and onstage so she holds her own against athletes her age or much younger.

“I mainly train obviously legs, glutes, hamstrings, I train them three times a week,” says Hurst. “I love heavy lifting. I think it’s really necessary to shape your body.”

What moves does she like to incorporate when she’s training heavy? Hurst revealed that she didn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it came to targeting her favorite bodyparts.

“For lower body, hip thrusts are definitely a must. I love sumo deads, Sumo deadlifts is one of my favorite lifts to do,” she explained. “RDL (Romanian Deadlifts) are great. Lunges definitely shape the body, glutesbut it’s one of my least favorites.”

Murray followed up by asking about her ab training. Hurst revealed she doesn’t use any weight bearing movements, but she doesn’t ignore them completely, either. She shared one movement that is widely associated with the Golden Era of bodybuilding and fitness.

“Vacuums have been great. I’ve been doing those every morning,” said Hurst. She also disclosed that she only focuses on upper and lower abs when she is training her midsection.

“I don’t do anything for the obliques because I think they lead to your waist getting a little thicker. With Bikini, you need to have that tiny waist.”

Michelle Hurst also shared more about her competitive background, how she would compare herself now to when she was in her 20’s, and more. Catch this and all episodes of Femme Flex Friday over at www.wingsoftstrength.netand don’t forget to follow @femmeflexfriday on Instagram.

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