If you have a webcam, Amazon’s Fire TV Cube can be used with Zoom

Starting today, you can use join . For the best experience, Amazon recommends using Camera With a field of view of 60 to 90 degrees, you can shoot 1080p video. The company also recommends installing the device on top of the TV, and you sit at a distance of approximately 6 to 10 feet. At the very least, you need a 720p camera that supports USB Video Class (UVC). You also need a micro USB to USB adapter, because the second-generation Fire TV Cube does not have a full-size USB-A port. One thing to note is that Amazon recommends not to use cameras that support 4K. In addition to these requirements, you also need to download the latest Fire TV Cube update and Zoom app from the Fire TV Appstore.

When everything is ready, you can tell Alexa to join the video call for you, at which time the voice assistant will ask you to provide the meeting ID and password.Can also , Which will enable you to join any Zoom meeting in your schedule more seamlessly.

Amazon is not the first company to allow you to use your TV to make video calls.Since August last year, you can stream Google Meet calls to . During the same time period, Amazon provided two-way video calls between Fire TV Cube and camera-enabled Alexa devices.This seems to be a late proposal, but with In most companies that are constantly changing due to new developments in the pandemic, this is a feature that is likely to get a lot of use.

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