If Russia invades Ukraine, Biden vowed to impose economic and other sanctions

President Biden On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that if Moscow invaded, the United States would impose economic and other sanctions. Ukraine.

gentlemen. Biden “It is clear that if the military escalates, the United States and our allies will take strong economic and other measures to respond,” according to a reading issued by the US State Department. White house After two hours of video conference.

American and European leaders are increasingly worried about Moscow’s build-up of troops on the Ukrainian border.

More than 94,000 Russian troops, armored vehicles and electronic warfare systems have been deployed to their common border. This is the largest assembled force on the border of Crimea since Russia annexed Crimea. Ukraine in 2014.

The increase in troop strains U.S.-Japan relations Russia.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rezinkov said on Friday that Moscow may be preparing for a large-scale military invasion at the end of January.

Russian officials insist that they have no plans to invade Ukraine He also said that the troops were conducting military exercises there.

However, Mr. Putin has expressed an invitation Ukraine Formally joining the NATO alliance is a security “red line.”

According to reports, the two leaders ended the call at 12:08 pm. White house. The call starts at 10 am

this White house Their summit was closed to the media, but the Kremlin released photos and video clips of the conference.

According to a video released by the Kremlin, Putin said at the beginning of the call: “Hello, Mr. President.”

“It’s nice to see you again,” Mr. Biden Responded. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet on G20 last time. I hope that next time we do it in person.”

White house National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan plans to discuss the call with reporters at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

U.S. and European leaders have imposed a series of economic sanctions Russia Stop aggression Ukraine.

A senior government official told reporters in an interview: “We believe that we have a way forward, which will involve substantial economic countermeasures in Europe and the United States. If they choose to continue, they will cause significant damage to the Russian economy. Serious economic damage.” Monday conference call.

gentlemen. Biden A follow-up dialogue is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon with the leaders of France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany. White house Said.

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