If Omicron spoils your vacation plan, don’t despair

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the water, ski slopes, or go to any other resort in December of this year, Omicron appeared.

Before the news of the coronavirus variant appeared, I had been practicing my year-end rituals to see where I could go on vacation.

The exciting thing is that it seems that it is finally possible to book a family visit in Australia safely without having to spend most of the holiday in isolation. Even the cost of a flight has dropped from the stratosphere to an astonishing level.

“Wow,” I reported to my significant other after searching the travel website for a long time one night. “You can travel from London to Sydney and return for less than £2,000.”

Five months ago, the fare advertised as high as 10 times That price, one way.

Encouraged by the same uplifting travel news, many of my friends are also making vacation plans. Some people are eager to see relatives far away. Others just want to escape the gray winter of London.

All this may happen again. Or it may not. While typing, the world is still on the verge of Omicron, waiting for scientists to say whether this variant might bring us back to the merciless uncertainty of 2020.

Either way, the idea of ​​a holiday becomes more complicated. The good news is that this is not as disastrous as it seems.

Vacation can make us feel More satisfied, Happy and Full of energy, Especially when we have them.

But you don’t need to go to a long vacation or vacation abroad to enjoy the excitement of rest.

The impact of short holidays is as strong as that of long holidays, some Learn It has been shown that being away for less than five days is still an effective way to improve health and well-being. In addition, you don’t need to go very far.

Dr. Ondrej Mitas, a senior lecturer in the psychology of leisure experience at the University of Applied Sciences Breda in the Netherlands, said: “There is a lot of evidence that the pleasure of domestic holidays is not worse than that of international holidays.”

“A holiday by car or train is no less fun than a holiday by plane.”

It is also calming to consider why we enjoy the holiday so much.

Strangely, a lot of happiness comes before we even clean up our toothbrushes.

It’s important to look forward to the pleasure of rest, and research shows that it starts a few weeks or even months before the holiday.

One theory is that this happens because our hunter-gatherers used to give us an innate desire to roam, which is still partly satisfied with the prospect of spending a week in Tenerife.

This idea can also explain why the euphoria after the rest fades so quickly, because we have already wandered out and there is no other rest to look forward to.

Mitas’s statement is slightly different. We are “soft and slow creatures”, he said, and survive by outsmarting the environment.

This means that we get information from the surrounding environment, such as vacuum cleaners. The urge to constantly check our phones for new messages is related to the fun we have when traveling in new and different places. In other words, one of the reasons we like holidays is because we naturally like to enjoy new things.

So for those whose overseas holiday plans are disrupted by Omicron, what advice does Mitas have?

First of all, accept the blow of the sense of anticipation before the missed trip. But second, if the situation still allows, don’t give up completely. “Please take a holiday!” he said. Get out of the house. Do something different, even if only for a few days.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that as beautiful as holidays, we tend to exaggerate their brilliance. Once back to work, the afterglow after the break faded faster than we thought.It has generally disappeared A week And lasts up to two weeks, even after a very relaxing holiday, for example Researchers.

Therefore, if Omicron ends up completely ruining your vacation plan, there is still one-admittedly small-comfort, that the vacation will never make you feel better as you think.


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