IBM’s AI can predict the progression of Parkinson’s disease in individuals

In the past, we saw doctors use AI software to detect brain tumor, Kidney disease And various cancerNow, researchers at IBM and the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) say they have developed a program that can predict the progression of symptoms in Parkinson’s disease patients in terms of time and severity.inside The Lancet Digital Health Magazine, they claim that the software can change the way doctors help patients manage symptoms, allowing them to better predict how the disease will develop.

“Our goal is to use artificial intelligence to help patient management and clinical trial design. These goals are important because despite the popularity of Parkinson’s, patients still experience a variety of unique motor and non-motor symptoms,” IBM said.

This breakthrough would have been impossible without the Parkinson’s Disease Progression Marking Program sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. IBM described the data set containing more than 1,400 personal information as “the largest and most powerful longitudinal Parkinson’s data to date,” and stated that it allows its AI model to map complex symptoms and progression patterns.

It is estimated that Parkinson’s disease affects more than 6 million people worldwide, and there is currently no known cure. IBM Research and MJFF plan to continue research on artificial intelligence models. In the future, they hope to better provide more detailed characteristics of each stage of the disease.

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