Hyundai Motor reportedly stopped developing new internal combustion engines: gadgets

As all ICE manufacturers do.

By 2030/2035, you will not be allowed to sell ICE cars in most parts of the world.

So they are exhausting their patent portfolios, making the most of them, and so on. There is no point in inventing some amazing advancements in ICE cars now. You will not be able to sell enough products to recover your R&D funds, so they stopped developing them a few years ago.

In the past few years, their investment in research and development has “exceeded Tesla’s value.” They don’t have to take it out yet, it doesn’t make sense now, they want to sell their ICE cars, engines, parts, tools, factories, etc. before they become worthless. If you launch a new electric car invention now, no one will buy a sufficient number of electric cars to capitalize it, no one will really compete with you, and the patent will expire sooner.

All companies that make cars are doing the same thing. They will postpone it until 2030, when they will start doing really interesting things again.

This is basically why they don’t care about Tesla (its historical total sales only reached Ford’s annual output). There is no threat, and they have no interest.

They will sell everything they own, and the patents for ICE products will expire, sometimes just before ICE cars are banned, they will put all their money into the latest ideas (until they don’t waste any production now) , And then launch a series of electric vehicles in time in 2030/2035 (depending on where they are located or where they operate).

In this era, if you continue to build new internal combustion engines for more than a few years, you are a fool.

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