Hynix’s incentive contract paid off

Washington quarterback Taylor Haynick Leave Las Vegas for $125,000 he Arrived-this is not because of the blackjack table.

He won the extra cash, partly because of Brian Johnson’s 48-yard field goal that won the game 17-15 on Sunday.

Heinicke’s contract is a two-year, $4.5 million contract he signed during the last offseason, which includes rewards for every game he won. The 28-year-old signal caller wins at least 60% of a game, he gets an extra $125,000.

After winning the NFL game, this cherry is good.

This victory was the team’s fourth consecutive victory, returning Washington to 0.500 and consolidating its status as an NFC wild card team.

Therefore, in addition to defeating Tom Brady, defeating Russell Wilson in “Monday Night Football” and helping the team out of the abyss with a 6-6 record, Hynek also gained 50 with the team’s four-game winning streak. Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

Hynek has won six games this season with a total prize money of $750,000.

Next: Dallas. There may be another $125,000.

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