How we should build the future of GameFi

Crypto Games and Monkey Runs: How We Should Build the Future of GameFi

You’ve seen it before. A talented game founder has partnered with top studios, promising to create amazing gaming experiences on the industry’s most powerful engine. However, it happened: it was paired with a dubious shitcoin that started even before a little game content dropped.

The hype-fueled crypto bull market may have been mentioned in the mainstream media in the not-so-distant past — but, with Bored Ape’s floor price still in the cloud, we’ll respectfully call it: monkey run. Market volatility aside, Metaverse evangelists still claim that Web3 Finance will revolutionize the way games are monetized. I called BS.

Alex Yeh Leads Republic Crypto’s early stage research, investment and token economics strategy – helping secure and advance cutting-edge projects in Republic Crypto’s consulting portfolio. Prior to Republic Crypto, Alex drove fintech and blockchain investments at ZZ Capital, conducted crypto fund research at $7 billion venture fund Top Tier Capital Partners, and endowed funds at his alma mater, the University of Chicago.