How to watch the Olympics in the United States: TV channel lineup, live broadcast information, etc.

The Peacock’s 2020 launch was actually to coincide with the Olympic Games postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although the streaming service will play an important role in the coverage of the Tokyo Olympics by Comcast’s NBC Sports, continuing to play does not mean returning to normal.

NBC put the best face on which senior broadcaster Bob Costas on the phone “This is a huge challenge,” and pointed out that it always understands the possibility of holding crowd-free competitions. Wrinkles designed to fill this gap will include enhanced sound design and integration of American watch parties, as well as remote connections between athletes and their families.
Nevertheless, as Associated Press Pointed out that “the length of the Covid shadow is difficult to predict.” Some athletes have already experienced positive test results-American tennis star Coco Goff Log out for this -A worry that will be shrouded in the 16-day event.

In a conference call earlier this month, Olympics executive producer Molly Solomon stated that the report will “bring viewers closer to the athlete’s experience in Tokyo than ever before.”

When will the Olympics start

The sheer number of shows—starting from the opening ceremony at 8 pm Tokyo time on July 23 and ending at 7 am Eastern Time on August 8—will be dazzling, and according to NBC, this is unprecedented. The focus of the live report also included the opening ceremony for the first time. Due to the time difference, it was broadcast in the morning in the United States, and the talent of the NBC “Today” program was broadcast and rebroadcast later in the day.

Where can I watch the Olympics on TV in the United States

In a linear form, the coverage will cover NBC and eight other cable channels owned by Comcast, including USA, CNBC, NBC Sports Network and Telemundo. The menu totals more than 7,000 hours and includes 35 sports. NBC will be the venue for exciting shows and top events. You need a cable pack to watch.

As usual, NBC’s prime time coverage will be heavily packaged and tend to viewers’ favorite traditional shows, such as gymnastics, diving, and track and field. The men’s and women’s basketball gold medal games will also be broadcast during prime time on August 6 and August 7, respectively (the latter is the first time).

In terms of expanded coverage, sports will be allocated to different channels, such as basketball on CNBC. Peacock will provide a live broadcast every morning, including track and field and gymnastics.

Baseball and softball are also returning to the Olympics this year, with new sports such as skateboarding, karate, sports climbing and surfing.The daily breakdown of coverage can be found in

Where can I live stream the Olympics

Those without cable can still access the Olympics through the aforementioned streaming options, the NBC Sports app, or various subscription services that offer live TV options (including Hulu, YouTube, and CNN parent company AT&T).

Certain providers are also promoting the availability of ultra-high-definition Olympic broadcasts to provide enhanced high-resolution image quality.

NBC’s long-term contract to host the Olympics By 2032, Its recent deal with the International Olympic Committee is priced at 7.75 billion U.S. dollars.

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