How to use Center Stage on iPad Pro

A new look this year iPad advantages They have powerful new processors that distinguish them from their predecessors, but they also have new underrated video calling capabilities that free you from your desk.

The 11-inch and 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro have upgraded 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lenses with a field of view of 122 degrees. The new lens enables a technique called center stage. If you enable it in the video call application, Center Stage will use the front camera to track your face as you move in the frame-and because it has a very wide field of view, you can free yourself from your desk, say , Stand up and walk around while still keeping yourself in the center of the picture.

This technique is more useful when you want to make a video call with the person next to you. The Center Stage will zoom out and refocus, keeping you two in the frame, which makes it easier to look more beautiful during a call.

To enable Center Stage in FaceTime, open set up And click Video conversation. Switch the Center Stage settings to keep it enabled, and you can dive in at any time to turn it off if needed. If you are using FaceTime and want to turn on this feature, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap on the center stage.

You can also use Center Stage in third-party video calling applications. This feature is located in different places in these apps-for example, in Zoom, you can access it from the left sidebar.

The only disappointment is that Center Stage did not make the iPad Pro’s camera placement worse-if you use the iPad landscape for video calls, this is natural, then you still have to look awkwardly to the left screen. Make yourself look focused. Maybe one day Apple will put the front camera in a meaningful place. Today is not that day, but at least we have a center stage.

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