How to Test Your Wi-Fi Speed

you really should Run an internet speed test to check your Wi-Fi connection. Knowing some key data points, such as your download and upload speeds, will help you understand fluctuations in your connection and see if your internet service provider is haggling.

If you are particularly concerned Access the fastest internet speeds, your best bet is to ditch Wi-Fi entirely and rummage through boxes in your closet for ethernet cables. A guide from WIRED contributor Simon Hill buy an internet router Includes a great section explaining the basics and what you need to get great Wi-Fi speed and strength throughout your home.First, connection speeds are usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps), while FCC’s Broadband Speed ​​Guidelines Estimate the speed you need for everyday activities like downloading files, streaming movies, and scrolling through social media.

on your computer

With the help of the measurement laboratory, Google built a speed test directly into its search engine.If you search for “speed test”, there will be a button marked blue Run a speed test is the highest result and will provide measurements of download and upload speeds.

When it comes to sites that can let you know what’s available in your area, Ookla’s speed test is a popular and reliable choice.attack big go The button in the middle of the website home page will run the test.

lifeline Has a solid directory of the most popular ISPs like Comcast and Verizon, and the speed checks they offer. If you call your provider’s customer service line to complain about a poor connection, the company may take the measurements of its hosted tests more seriously.

Are you always streaming the latest movies and TV shows on Netflix? The entertainment company has a website, fastnet, which will automatically check your download speed.To see your upload speed, tap show more information After initial testing is complete.

on your smartphone or tablet

In addition to running tests in your browser, you can also choose to download apps dedicated to measuring internet speed on smartphones and tablets. Oklahoma speed test All the basics are included, such as download and upload speeds. Additionally, the app provides a video streaming speed check that estimates your maximum possible resolution.

this Quick check Apps are another good option, but the ads are more aggressive. Both options will request the collection of data from you.If you are concerned about your data being sold to commercial advertisers, the government now offers an official app called FCC speed testwhich will give you similar information.

on your console

Having a stable, lag-free internet connection is essential when playing online video games. Rather than blame bad internet for recurring losses, try a speed test on your Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox console to see if you really need a boost.

test Nintendo Switch connection speed by going to system settingsThen the Internetthen click test connection Measure your download and upload speed.For PlayStation, visit set upThen The internet,then click Test internet connection button.Wanted Xbox owners Check the speed of the console You can press the Xbox button on the controller and click Introduction and SystemThen set upand generaland network settings, until you see this option: Test network speed and statistics.

on your smart TV

Streaming 4K movies also consumes a lot of allocated bandwidth. For easy access, the web browser on a smart TV can run a speed check. Some manufacturers offer additional features to test the quality of your connection. E.g, Smart TVs from TCL A download speed test can be run under the settings tab. Recommended by LG Download an app called Internet Speed ​​2. Sony recommends Use the speed test in the VUDU app.

on your smart bin

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