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Apple recently launched the latest operating system version for the iOS 15 brings some new features And some upgrades to the previous. One of the new features is “Focus”, which is designed for when users do not want to be distracted by unwanted notifications from certain applications. In this article, I will show you how to set this focus mode on your iPhone and how to customize it.

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Focus mode on iPhone (iOS 15)

The focus mode is a bit like “Do Not Disturb”, but it has been improved in many ways. Read on to learn all the details of focus mode.

What is the iOS 15 focus mode?

As mentioned above, Focus is like an enhanced version of “Do Not Disturb”, which allows you to filter notifications on your phone based on your activity so that you can focus on what you are doing. You can use different profiles and decide which notifications to send you. You can even organize apps and widgets on the home screen based on your profile.

How to set the focus mode?

When setting up Focus, first make sure you are using iOS 15, if not, please update it. After that, please follow the steps below:

1. Swipe down from the top right to open the control center on the iPhone.

2. Find the “focus” here and click on it. Make sure to click on the word, not the moon icon next to it.

3. Now select the profile or activity for which you want to activate the focus mode.

4. You can also set the time limit by tapping the three dots (…) or tapping each activity.

How to activate focus automatically?

You can also automatically activate specific focus modes, depending on the preferences you set based on a certain location or your application usage. Here is how to enable auto focus mode:

1. Open the Settings app and click “Focus”.

2. Now, select the Focus profile to be automatically enabled.

4. To select the preference that will activate this focus, scroll down to the “Auto Open” section and click the plus (+) icon.

5. Now select the time, location or application to activate the focus.

6. Now, to start Focus automatically, click the “Smart Activation+” button. That’s it.

How to customize the focus?

If you want to create a custom focus to filter notifications based on your current activity, you can do this easily. Just follow the steps below:

1. Open “Settings” on iPhone and tap “Focus”.

2. From the profile list, select the profile you want to customize. Or click the plus (+) button in the upper right corner and add a custom name.

3. Now select the people you want to receive notifications when using Focus, and click the “People” option.

4. On the next page, click “Add” and select the name of the contact you want to add, and then click “Finish”.

You can also delete a person by tapping the minus (-) icon.

Now after selecting the person, you can select the application to receive notifications.

1. Click the “App” option next to the person.

2. Then click “Add” to add an application.

3. Select the application you want by searching, and then click “Finish”.

4. To allow certain applications to send important notifications (such as incoming calls), also click the “Time Sensitive” button.

Similarly, you can delete the application by clicking the minus icon.

After setting, you can save this Focus configuration file. Now go to the control center again and click on the focus, then select this profile.

Customize the home screen to get focus

As we mentioned before, you can also customize your home screen based on the Focus profile so that only selected applications and widgets will be displayed on your home screen. This also reduces the chance of distraction while focusing. Follow the steps below to customize the home screen:

1. Open the Settings app and click “Focus”.

2. Select the Focus to be configured.

3. Now click on “Home Screen”.

4. To hide notifications, click the “Hide Notification Badge” switch.

5. To select the home screen page, click “Custom Page” to switch.

6. Now select the main screen you want to see in focus mode, and click “Finish”.

Please note that you can only choose from the existing home screens, and you cannot create a new screen that will be displayed in a specific focus mode.

How to customize the lock screen to get focus

If you want the focus mode effect to also appear on the lock screen, you can adjust some settings for this. In these order:

1. Open the settings and click “Focus”.

2. Select the focus and tap “Lock Screen”.

3. To darken the lock screen in focus mode, enable the “Dark lock screen” switch.

4. To display silent notifications on the locked screen, toggle the “Show on locked screen” switch.

Some other features of Focus


Those contacts you do not allow notifications in focus mode will know that your notifications are muted. When they try to contact you in a message, they will see your status.

Emergency message

If your status indicates that you have muted notifications using Focus, you can still send them urgent messages. However, you can prevent applications or individuals from sending such messages.

Driving automatic response

There is also a function in the focus mode that is useful while driving. When your contact texts you and you are driving in focus mode, you can send them an automatic reply. You can also customize this automatic reply according to your needs.

Finally, when you use Focus mode on one of your devices, it will automatically sync on your other devices.

So this is all about the new iOS 15 focus mode and how to make the most of it through customization. For more iOS 15 tips and tricks, please follow us on Twitter.

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