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Google Chrome has an incognito mode to help you Private browsing Because it does not save any history, when you close the browser, all history and browsing data will be cleared automatically. Sometimes, you have to give your phone to someone while browsing privately, and you don’t want to close the incognito tab to lose your data, and you don’t want them to see what you are browsing. What would you do? Do? . Well, Google has a new feature for you. You can now lock the Chrome incognito tab with a password. Read on to find out, how!

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Use password to lock Chrome incognito tab

This feature has not yet been released and can only be used as a Chrome logo. In addition, this feature is currently only available for iPhones that support Face ID, that is, iPhone X and later.

Please follow the steps below to lock your incognito mode tag with Face ID:

1. First, open Google Chrome on your iPhone and type chrome://flags in the address bar, then click Enter.

2. Now type “incognito device authentication” in the search box at the top.

3. When you see the “Incognito Device Authentication” logo, click on the drop-down menu below it, and then select “Enabled” from the options.

4. After enabling this feature, close the Chrome browser to apply these changes.

5. Open Chrome again and click the three-dot menu in the lower right corner and select “Settings”.

6. Click “Privacy”, and then on the next page, turn on the “Lock incognito tab when closing Chrome” switch. Click “Done” at the top.

that’s it. Next time you open the incognito tab, it will ask you to use the face ID to unlock it.

If you want to disable this feature, you can turn off the “Lock incognito tab when closing Chrome” option by following the same steps as above.

That’s it. This is how you can lock Chrome’s incognito tab with a password or currently with Face ID. We hope that this feature will be available to all users on the stable version and Android soon. Stay tuned for more such Google Chrome tips and tricks!

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