How to help combat climate change: applications and steps taken

this Earth hero Apps (iOS, Android) can help you calculate, track and reduce your personal carbon footprint, and connect users with climate action groups. You can set emissions reduction targets for yourself, browse suggested actions based on IPCC recommendations, track your progress, and join the community of climate activists. Each operation includes an explanation of its relevance and importance, as well as hints for implementation at different levels.

Good empire (iOS, Android) is a new social application whose mission is to “gather, unite and empower an empire of good humans to save the fucking world.” The challenge of Good Empire highlights the direct actions that individuals can take , To help reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste, solve hunger and poverty in communities and around the world, and empower women and girls.Actions must have a measurable impact and meet the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Good Empire just launched in September 2021.

Bright ecology It is a community platform whose mission is to “empower conscious consumers around the world.” Brightly provides news about zero waste, sustainable fashion, circular economy, clean beauty, conscious consumerism, DIY and eco-friendly recipes. The Brightly app (iOS, Android) provides monthly ecological challenges and community chat groups. Brightly Shop connects users with proven ethical and sustainable brands and small businesses to simplify the guesswork of conscious consumption.

I’m not saying that the best way to relieve climate anxiety is to rush out and buy a bunch of environmentally friendly products, but we Yes All consumers, whether we like it or not, our buying behavior will have a direct impact on climate change. If we can choose brands and products that are truly ethical and sustainable, it can help us transform our culture into more sustainable choices.

Carbon offset tool

Carbon offsets are not independent solutions to climate change: they are basically a “pollution pay” scheme, Only effective if companies and individuals do everything possible to reduce emissionsHowever, they can play a useful role in funding emission reduction projects and raising awareness of climate change. For individuals, carbon offsets are a practical way to complement other actions. There are multiple applications that allow you to calculate and track your carbon footprint, commit actions, and donate to emission reduction projects.

this Climate applications (IOS, Android) Allow users to fund scientific projects that can be tracked in real time. Klima chooses the most influential projects Project drawdown Ranking, support is designed to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, And verify the project by an independent third party. Even if you don’t have much to donate, it will add up.

Ecological network It is a plan to offset user emissions from flight and travel. In addition to funding new emission reduction projects such as renewable energy, also planted trees to have a long-term impact. It provides a catalog of positive gifts of climate, carbon awareness and education, and low-carbon living goal setting.

Alcosia Is a search engine application (iOS and Android) and all major browser extensions, it will automatically offset every Internet search you make through the service. Every 50 searches, Ecosia will plant a tree. It can be used for free and earn revenue by clicking on ads. Ecosia promotes itself as a carbon-negative search engine, which means it generates more renewable energy than it needs to run its servers and exports clean energy back to the grid. Ecosia built a solar power plant to provide 100% clean energy to power its search.

Community support resources

Thanks to technology, climate anxiety support can be obtained wherever there is an internet connection. Before Covid, many support services could only be provided in person in city centers or organized family communities. Now that the support circles and groups meet online, we can make friends all over the world.

Last spring, I was able to participate virtually So sad networkof 10 steps to achieve personal resilience and empowerment in a chaotic climate program. Every week, I work with 13 other amazing humans from all over the world to deal with our difficult emotions about climate change, examine our own privileges, and build the resilience of individuals and communities. This is the most useful resource I have experienced in dealing with climate anxiety.

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