How NFL MVP Jerry Rice kept in shape in his 50s

The greatest NFL wide receiver of all time will not slow down anytime soon. At 59 years old, Jerry Rice is still passionate about health and fitness, and his iron work ethic continues to prove that he is still a goat off the court.

In his 20-year NFL career, Jerry Rice has not only achieved the most touchdowns in NFL history (208), but also has an astonishing 36 NFL records, including: catching (1,549), catching yards (22,895), all-around yards (23,546), touchdown catches (197) and consecutive games with at least catches (274).

The 49ers legend and three-time Super Bowl champion is always talking about who is the greatest football player of all time, his dedication to training and what is in his body His legacy.

Maintain the training mentality of the fourth quarter

Although Rice’s training has changed a bit after leaving the NFL, the consistency of regular exercise still exists. “This is one of the things I do for myself and part of my daily life,” Rice said.During Rice’s time in the NFL, his focus was More about endurance Compared with the present, it can be said with certainty that it has paid off. “I want to start the fourth quarter with the same intensity as at the beginning of the first quarter, and I want to exhaust my opponent,” Rice recalled.

These days, walking and running with his dog, Sweat training on his Peloton, Lifting weights in his home gym regularly is his way to keep his body healthy. Rice said: “I still get up very early, I will exercise.” He continued, “You must make it a priority and part of your daily life; sometimes I don’t want to exercise, but that is what you need to force yourself most. when.”

Now for Rice, training in the fourth quarter may not be the goal, but training every day to do the best in this quarter is the mentality.

More than just a rice-based diet

Rice’s training has the same consistency, similar to his nutrition. “I have been paying attention to what I put on my body, and this has not changed,” Rice explained. Although some adjustments have been made, such as reducing the intake of dairy products; a consistently good choice (not a strict diet) to keep the rice healthy and lean. When he wants to indulge, He did, but make sure he returns to his normal food choices immediately after treatment. “I believe in temperance-if you want to eat pizza or a piece of cake, you can eat it, but you will return to your daily life with the next meal.” Rice said.

Jerry Rice eats lightly during the day and has a good dinner. He likes grilled salmon very much, and sometimes he likes grilled chicken or a delicious piece of meat. “I just make sure that I get protein and provide proper fuel for my body, and stay away from dairy products, because it doesn’t work for my body; you have to know what works for you.” Rice said.

In addition to Rice’s food choices, Rice also attributed a new drink to his daily energy levels during and after training: Goat fuel.

Jerry Rice’s new career

After retiring, Rice did some interesting things, from becoming a contestant in Dancing with the Stars to creating his own natural sports drink, GOAT Fuel. Inspired by Rice’s daughter Jaqui Rice Gold and her husband Trevion’s desire for clean, health-conscious, functional sexual energy drinks, these energy drinks have ingredients they can trust, without tension and collapse, this drink helps Rice stay alive And fight inflammation. “I drink one or two cans a day because it helps my oxygen levels and keeps me energetic during exercise,” he said. “It also helps reduce inflammation, which can become a problem as we age.”

His preferred raw material: Cordyceps sinensis. Yes, mushrooms, but you can’t taste them at all, he said.Rice believes in the power of adaptogen mushrooms for overall health because they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, making goat fuel a healthy lifestyle.

“Cordyceps sinensis can improve the way your body uses oxygen by increasing your maximum oxygen uptake, so you can work harder and last longer. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent and helps with recovery,” he said. In addition, caffeine is natural, so it is not irritating, and contains a lot of vitamins, branched chain amino acids, electrolytes, and is low in carbohydrates and sugar.

Jerry Rice’s lifestyle proves that you can be the best version of yourself at any age. Stay consistent, put healthy living first, and move on!

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