House panel ready to hold owner Snyder accountable

I think Dan Snyder might want to get out of the country and travel the world on his yacht. Maybe become a Russian oligarch, although I’ve heard it’s not as glamorous as it used to be.

He probably won’t have Commander Washington anymore. On Wednesday, Captain Dan the sailor did not have a commander. The House Oversight and Reform Committee did.

“We’re not going to be intimidated by billionaire bosses and political posturing,” said committee chair Rep. Caroline Maloney, before formally announcing that the committee would issue a subpoena for Captain Dan to appear before them next week.

If Captain Dan wasn’t such a weasel, I’d almost respect him sitting on his $300 million yacht docked in Cannes, scoffing at the committee, turning down their invitations — even via Zoom — and taking responsibility for his crimes.

It’s like the scene in “Animal House,” when Delta House is raided by Dean Wormer, and when Bluto screams “they took the bar”, Otter and Boon respond with a “road trip.”

But Captain Dan is no otter or favor. He is Ned Meyer. He is a first-class weasel. His refusal to appear at Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the toxic workplace he oversees as Washington Redskins owner — and commanders — was driven by fear, not some kind of bravado.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who was paid $64 million a year to accept the abuse, did appear virtually via Zoom. He took it as, well, another weasel.When asked if he holds Captain Dan Responsible his act, Goodell replied, “Yes, I do.”

What Goodell did was good for the team – not the captain bear — $10 million.what else he did explain. Captain Dan not “pause”, but he being told to stay away from the day-to-day operations of the team – something he ignore, as Captain Dan Seen multiple times, including announcing the new commander’s name.

Responsible? Goodell did not have the courage of his father, Charles, a Republican U.S. senator who spoke out against the Vietnam War in 1969.

If you have any concerns about the service Captain Dan while subpoenaing he hide in his On the yacht in Cannes, they could learn from the arrest of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. He was sitting on a yacht in Long Island Sound when agents came aboard to arrest him, accusing him of pocketing money for a fundraiser called “We Build This Wall.” As it turns out, the Coast Guard can board almost any ship they want, even one in Cannes.

They have plenty of questions to ask the commander’s boss – like how he conducted a “shadow” investigation to harass and discredit ex-employees who accused him of fostering a “toxic” workplace – the NFL’s words, not mine – intimidated witnesses and Get calls based on committee reports, records and emails.

“We found new evidence of wrongdoing at the Washington commander’s workplace,” Maloney said — a key component in a slew of sickening messages about the NFL franchise emerging in the shadow of the nation’s capital part.

Captain Dan’s witness intimidation is not something that happened 10 or 15 years ago. It began with the publication of a Washington Post article that revealed allegations of sexual harassment and bullying within the organization in July 2020 — allegations the league was supposed to investigate when the team was Its behavior should have been cleaned up.

Captain Dan did not answer the allegations — among other things, a bombshell Post report published on Tuesday said Captain Dan sexually assaulting a former employee his 2009 Private jets before teams paid she $1.6 million as part of a confidential settlement.captain bear Allegedly asking for sex, groping she and try to succeed she clothing.

Captain Dan Denied the allegations and, in a statement, called the hearing a “political show trial, not a truth-teller. Hopefully the committee will devote its resources to more pressing issues than football, which was tackled a few years ago.” question.”

But Captain Dan’s attempt to intimidate witnesses and sabotage the NFL-sanctioned Beth Wilkinson investigation into a raft of sexual misconduct allegations isn’t something that was resolved years ago. This happened while the Wilkinson investigation was ongoing, and Goodell still insisted he could not release the details, claiming to protect the identities of the victims.

It was probably the most obscene remark from Goodell’s mouth on Wednesday. The whole point of this investigation and hearing is to give Captain Dan’s victims a voice. No passage of time diminishes its importance.

During the nearly three-hour hearing, Goodell was asked if he had the right to get rid of the captain bearAfter all, it doesn’t make sense why anyone would want to make this guy a part of your club. he Embarrassing the league almost every week.

Goodell didn’t use any double talk, no company talk trying to explain why he didn’t want to get rid of the captain bear.

he Simply, “I don’t have permission to delete he. “

but if he Do have that authority…sorry sir, the time has passed.

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