House Oversight Committee slams Snyder ‘afraid’ to testify

The House Oversight and Reform Committee accused Dan Snyder of being “scared” to testify on Monday after the Washington Commanders owner again opted not to accept the panel’s invitation to this week’s scheduled hearing on the team’s workplace misconduct allegations .

Mr. Snyder responded to committee chair Rep. Caroline B. Maloney, who urged the embattled billionaire in a letter Monday Reconsider his decision not to appear on the committee.

In Ms. Maloney’s letter, sent Friday, the New York Democrat gave Snyder the option to appear in court remotely and sought to address their concerns.

With a scheduled hearing scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday, Ms. Maloney set a 9 a.m. deadline on Monday for Mr. Snyder to respond.

In Monday’s letter obtained by The Washington Times, Mr. Snyder’s lawyers wrote that Ms. Maloney did not “meaningfully respond to my concerns that [the hearing] Violates basic concepts of fairness and due process. “

A spokesman for the committee shot back.

“If Mr. Snyder was truly committed to cooperating with the committee’s investigation, he would accept the committee’s invitation to testify about the commander’s toxic workplace culture,” the spokesman said. “As the chairman’s letter makes clear, the committee has gone beyond being inclusive – even allowing Mr Snyder to testify remotely in France.

“His refusal to testify sends a clear signal that Mr. Snyder has something to hide and is afraid to speak up to the American public and address key worker protection issues facing the NFL.”

Mr. Snyder’s lawyer, Karen Barton Seymour, did not directly decline the committee’s invitation. But she again cited her client’s previous commitments and concerns about the details of the hearing.

Referring to Mr Snyder’s option to appear in court remotely, Ms Seymour said doing so would not enable owners to consult with lawyers in person.

“As I previously informed the committee, due to my scheduling challenges with Mr. Snyder, I will not be able to meet with him on June 22, even if there is no direct conflict with him,” Ms. Seymour wrote. “The committee’s insistence on holding the hearing on a single date of its choosing, even at the expense of his right to have his attorney present during his testimony, both betrays my understanding of the approach taken with other congressional witnesses in similar circumstances and disregards My client’s due process rights.”

According to Ms Maloney, Mr Snyder’s related conflict was a trip to France. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Snyder’s private jet landed in the country on June 4. An internet tracking service showed his yacht — the $180 million Lady S — docked at the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera.

Ms Maloney wrote that Mr Snyder was in attendance for an awards ceremony planned in the country. This week, the Cannes Lions, an international festival dubbed “the biggest gathering in the creative marketing world”, will take place.

Mr. Snyder was not legally required to appear by an oversight committee that began investigating the commanders and the NFL last fall. Earlier this month, the panel invited Mr. Snyder and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to testify. Mr Goodell said he would appear remotely.

“As I have stated in previous letters, the Snyder family and team remain fully willing to work with the committee,” Ms Seymour wrote. “If the committee is interested in obtaining this information, they are eager to share in the cultural transformation undertaken by the commanders. in a manner consistent with due due process and fair protection.”

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