“House of Gucci” review: Lady Gaga and Adam Driver starred in a fact-based drama, more handsome than delicious trash

The film is based on a book and covers the nearly two decades from the late 70s to the mid-90s. The film revolves around the relationship between Patrizia of Gaga and Maurizio Gucci of Driver. This heir was first denied by his father (Jeremy Irons) for marrying a lower-class girl, and then pulled back by his colorful uncle Aldo (Al Pacino) Outside the circle, he believes that Maurizio has more potential to lead the family business than his ostentatious son Paul (Jared Leto, wearing the most unflattering makeup since Tom Cruise was suitable for “Tropical Thunder”).

The story started very quickly, because Patricia clearly turned his attention to Maurizio, which made his father suspect that she “pursed your money like they did” does not seem so far-fetched.

After being together, he was as happy as an abandoned person, but she yearned for more, forcing him to regain the favor of the family, and ultimately pushing for greater control at the expense of his relatives, despite often reminding her to claim to have The name “Gucci” comes from marriage, not blood.

“It’s time to take out the trash,” Patricia said, one of which seemed to be written for use in upcoming attractions.

This is a very old story, but with the influx of funds, it has undergone unexpected changes, and the authorities began to pay attention to the financial situation of the family.

Nevertheless, apart from Leto’s excessive and scenic performance “House of Gucci”, there is really no double emphasis on the absurdity of all this, which makes the whole exercise sometimes feel more like a little bloated, with two obvious alternatives. Compared to any of them, a star-studded life-long movie-a farce like the Cohen brothers, or a truly gripping story of lust and greed.

On the contrary, this ancient “house” can enjoy its performance (although the accent, the driver is most important, it takes a little time to get used to) and the soapy situation, instead of feeling like the attractiveness of the front and back subtitles mixed, the camera intends to succumb.

After she broke out “A star is born,” Gaga showed that she is more than just a tricky pony, she captured Patrizia’s greed and temptation, which allowed her father’s male employees to applaud and boo at the same time as she wandered into his company.As for the driver, his unusual year included bizarre musicals “Annette” And period drama “The Last Duel” (There is also director Scott), which reflects the degree of needs of the actors, but does not fully support the reasons.

Of course, the details of the look and sound of the movie proved to be impeccable, from early disco music (you might go out humming Donna Summer) to gorgeous fashion and fashion shows.

In other words, entering with the right attitude, “Gucci House” can still bring a lot of fun. It’s just that although its furniture is luxurious, it is built on a shaky foundation.

“House of Gucci” premiered in American theaters on November 19. The rating is R.

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