‘Hone it:’ Washington’s newfound success is accompanied by increased ownership time

ASHBURN — period WashingtonIn a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this month, guard Brandon Shelf stopped to look at the clock during a timeout. There are more than three minutes left in the game.

But then Scherff and others suddenly realized that they had started the series with less than 11 minutes left.

“We said,’Oh my God,'” Scherf said while censoring ourselves, “We have been delayed (more than) six minutes from that clock.'”

As Washington Before Monday’s game with the Seattle Seahawks, they had two consecutive victories, and the Burgundy and Gold teams’ new success was partly due to the end of the Pirates’ offense as they did in the past. In the past few weeks, Washington Controlled possession time-including the team’s recent victory over the Carolina Panthers.

This is not the situation at the beginning of the season WashingtonThe offense only registered 49 games. Recently, however, the team has been able to keep the drive and kill time. Against Carolina, Washington Compared with the Panthers’ 24:03, the possession time is 35:53.The difference in the previous week is more serious Washington The possession time is 18 minutes longer than that of the pirates.

WashingtonAccording to Pro Football Reference, the 39:08 possession time against Tampa Bay is the sixth longest in a game without overtime this season.

The reasons for the changes can be attributed to several aspects. on the one hand, Washington Run more-a born clock killer. The team also switched on the third fall to help the punts stay away from the court.

“When you can hone it and drive long distances or something like that, two things happen,” Washington Head coach Ron Rivera said. “You let your opponents wear out defensively, and secondly, you keep your defense fresh. This is a big deal. Earlier this year, we regularly played defensive games in our 80s. This comes at a price.”

Rivera said that the team’s approach to change began four weeks ago. The team made a season-low 19 rush attempts against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 17. Since then, offensive coordinator Scott Turner has performed more runs. move. In the past four games, Washington There are an average of 31.8 rush attempts per game—and the team averaged 25.7 rush attempts in the first six weeks. Washington In Carolina, he scored a season-high 40 passes for 190 yards.

In the same time period of the past four games, Washington Hold the ball for more than 30 minutes each time. Prior to this, the team had only done it once in the first six games.

recent, Washington The reason why I can persist in running is because it is not significantly behind. Earlier this year, when the team often faced double-digit deficits, Turner had little choice but to pass the offense to try to keep up.

Even when Washington Deciding to shoot, the team has always been efficient. Starting quarterback Taylor Heinicke has only unfinished 12 times in the past two weeks. In these games, Washington Has dropped 17 out of 32 for the third time.

Of the team’s 17 three-point conversions, 11 were passed through the air.

“In past games, we had four to five drives for (at least) 60 yards, which is huge,” Hynek said. “A lot of things are already in place.”

Rivera is willing to move on in the fourth game, which will also help expand the offense. Washington There were 12 fourth conversions this year, the highest in the league-6 of them were completed in the past 4 weeks.

Perhaps not surprising, WashingtonDue to the extended rest period, his defense played better. Despite losing to the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos, in these four games, the defender’s distance per game was 286.8 yards, which was lower than the previous 349.7 yards per game.

not to mention, WashingtonSince October 24th, his defense has only played 200 fast breaks-50 per game. Before that: The unit averaged nearly 59 times per game.

Defensive tackle Matt Ioannidis said he felt different.

“We must be fresher,” Ioannidis said. “You can see it on the tape. We have some spells on the bench, we kind of watch the clock, like,’Well, we haven’t been out for a while. Our offense has done a very good job of controlling the clock. ”

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