Home theater film reviews: “Rage of Man” (Blu-ray) and “The Snatch” (4K Ultra HD)

These are two action thrillers directed by Guy Ritchie.

Human anger (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, R-rated, 2.39:1 aspect ratio, 118 minutes, $34.98) — Mr. Rich has released another manly action thriller this year, by Jason Statham And cleverly adapted a typical robbery movie.

The story is divided into four non-linear parts, covering many aspects of the mysterious Patrick Hargreaves (Mr. Patrick Hargreaves). Statham) It was the first time I saw an armored vehicle company that joined Los Angeles. Although it showed mediocre skills in the test, it still managed to stop the robbery by killing all criminals single-handedly.

Of course, when Mr. Hargreaves was monitored by the FBI, he had a group of gorgeously dressed thugs, and when he blurred the line between villains and anti-heroes, he looked for clues about a group of soldiers to avenge his loved ones.

The testosterone levels in the movie are beyond the normal range, because supporting characters such as Holt McCarney and Josh Harnett as guards and Scott Eastwood as robbers released blasphemy and gunshots, while keeping a low profile. Statham Comfortably blend in his Favorite mold as a methodical killer he hunting.

The audience will find narrative structure and violence in Quentin Tarantino’s space, but it is a fascinating journey, especially when we are waiting for Mr. Statham do what he Do your best.

Best additional features: Surprisingly, neither Warner Bros. nor Mr. Rich provided any rewards. Considering that this movie has a good business on a global scale and provides a lot of action worth analyzing, this is very disappointing.

It is also annoying that only movies in Blu-ray format are provided, not in ultra-high-definition format, which will make the cruelty and car chase unfolding in downtown Los Angeles more visually satisfying.

snatch (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, R-rated, 1.85:1 aspect ratio, 102 minutes, $22.99) — Mr. Rich’s second film, a 2000 violent dark British robbery comedy, debuted in ultra-high-definition format, letting the visual effects shine like a dynamic story.

A legendary ensemble actor brings a group of colorful characters to life in a story drowned in the London underworld, full of smart people, thugs and thieves.

The intertwined narrative separates Frankie’s Four Fingers (played by Benicio del Toro) and his gang who stole and lost an 86-carat diamond and the time when the Turks were fighting to death (Jason Statham), his Good friend Tommy (Stephen Graham) and gang boss “Brick” Puerford (Allen Ford).

Star power also includes Brad Pitt as Irish Gypsy Mickey O’Neal (his accent is the most difficult to understand), Dennis Franz as New York jeweller Cousin Avi, and Radcel Bezier as Russian gangster Boris “Blade” “Yurinov, Lenny James plays Sol, a small-time liar.

The 4K transmission constructed from the original camera film is very clear, even with the opening captions of the video monitor lens.

However, the visual effects of the full-screen presentation are generally blurry and dim, especially indoor scenes that are deep in the boringness of brown and green.

Unfortunately, because Mr. Ritchie and cinematographer Tim Maurice-Jones chose the urban color palette, even the flame is a sickly yellow, and these colors match the original material.

Those who are new to this movie and expect to get a lot of saturated pop music and color from any high dynamic range enhancement may be puzzled.

Best additional features: The audience can only see movies on 4K discs. However, play Blu-ray to get all the additional features of the 2009 HD version.

So, first of all, watch the movie again and suffer a little bit from the optional commentary tracks of director and producer Matthew Vaughan.

The track was surprisingly mild and dull. Both participants answered everyone’s questions with the fewest words, and occasionally became grumpy. They also mentioned, sir. Statham Not attending the meeting, which may cause them to be grumpy, but his Existence will definitely make the track more interesting.

Mr. Richie conducted most of the conversation and covered actors, editing, and lens glitches, but considering the fanatic and clever style of the action, I hope there will be more enthusiastic comments.

Next, a 24-minute production feature film provides a more vivid perspective, so that we can more vividly understand the relationship with Mr. Statham Occasionally break into interviewing directors and producers, because the trio likes to play chess and make fun of each other.

Other additional features include six deleted scenes and an editing room interaction, allowing viewers to combine a scene from the movie, while even adding sound effects, music and titles.

It requires the use of an external storage device on the player, and it is a very complex tool that early adopters of the Blu-ray format will like very much.

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