Holiday Movies 2021: 10 Exciting Movies

With titles like “Gingerbread Miracle” and “Single All the Way”, Santa Claus offers a sweet Christmas viewing in advance, perfectly tied in a red bow.

here has Some We have found that can help you get started:

Obviously, even Saint Nick has family problems, and Netflix has a movie about them.

“When his grandfather suddenly fell ill, Jules, who hated the holidays, learned of his family’s magical legacy and realized that he was the only hope to save Christmas,” Netflix’s film synopsis reads.

It is live streaming now.

“A Hearty Christmas”

This is a classic holiday story about the spirit of the seasons.

“An entrepreneur taught his spoiled daughter a lesson and asked her to volunteer in the shelter during the holidays, where she confronted the true meaning of Christmas,” reads the description of BET, which is currently playing in the movie.

“The Gingerbread Miracle”

The name of this movie is like Christmas.

In this perfectly sweet Hallmark movie, “Two old high school friends work together during Christmas to sell his uncle’s Mexican bakery, which is famous for its magical gingerbread cookies that can come true. .”

“Ice Wine Christmas”

Oh wine! Start sipping, because Lifetime is providing sommelier drama.

“A top sommelier in Philadelphia returned to the evergreen magical vineyard in New York to participate in the town’s annual Icewine Christmas and harvest,” according to the movie “Lifetime”. “There, Camilla spent time with her mother Sonny and sister Beth. Beth managed the local winery for Henry, Camilla’s former icewine mentor. But Camilla discovered that as Henry planned to retire, Christmas The size of the festival has shrunk and changes are taking place.”

Prepare, set, pour.

“Nine Kittens for Christmas”

cat? Christmas? Count me in.

“Cat lovers Zachary and Marilee reunited at Christmas. Their task is to find a home for a litter of cute kittens,” the film summary from Hallmark Channel reads.

It premiered at Hallmark on November 25th.

“Christmas deja vu”

This is your dream come true movie.

“When a hapless woman makes a Christmas wish, she gets the life she has always dreamed of,” BET said.

The film premiered on BET+ on November 25th.

“Christmas Witness”

Christmas is mixed with thugs.

“The mission of a serious federal marshal is to protect a low-level, charming gangster until he testifies against his mafia boss two days after Christmas,” the film’s synopsis reads.

It premiered on ION TV on November 28th.

“Single All the Way”

The film revolves around a story about pretending to be in love to appease a mother who is too eager to see their adult children get married.

“In order to avoid family perceptions of him being permanently single, Peter persuaded his best friend Nick to spend a holiday with him and pretend that they are now in love. But when Peter’s mother asked him to date her handsome man, the trainer James, planned Something went wrong,” Netflix said.

“Single All the Way” premiered on November 2.

“Christmas Castle”

What is a vacation without ridiculous unrealistic royal stories? And this star Brooke Shields!

It premiered on November 26, “This film tells of a best-selling author who travels to Scotland to escape a scandal, where she falls in love with a castle, perhaps the duke who owns it,” Netflix reports.

“The Bitch Who Steal Christmas”

We haven’t seen a trailer for this story, but the title alone is enough to watch. Rupaul and several “Drag Race” contestants starred in this film, telling the story of a fashion reporter who was sent to a small town that loves Christmas and finally reported a winter ball game.

It premiered on VH1 on December 2.

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