Hodler’s Digest, June 26-July 2

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Top stories of the week

8 years after dumping billions of XRP, Jed McCaleb runs out of chips in weeks

Ripple Labs co-founder and former CTO Jed McCaleb is wrapping up an eight-year XRP junk marathon. The former Ripple executive has been gradually reducing his XRP holdings since leaving in 2014. As of June 30, McCaleb had only 81.53 million XRP left, worth $26.55 million, much to the delight of die-hard Ripple supporters.

80,000 Bitcoin millionaires killed in 2022 crypto crash

The number of wallets holding more than $1 million worth of bitcoin fell by around 80,000, from 108,886 on November 12 to just 26,284 on June 30. That means a 75% drop in nine months. However, as the price of BTC falls into the $20,000 region and possibly lower, it may also give more people the chance to become full coiners.

Ethereum fork successful, Sepolia testnet ready to try Merge

On Thursday morning, the Gray Glacier hard fork designed to delay the difficulty bomb went live on Ethereum. The hard fork will delay the difficulty bomb by roughly 100 days as developers work to complete the final stages of the merger. In the next few days, the Sepolia testnet will also undergo merge trials, making it the second of three public testnets.

Bear market will continue until crypto apps are really useful: Mark Cuban

Billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes the current bear market won’t end until there’s more focus on apps that provide utility.speak on unbanked The podcast, he noted, “it goes on until there’s a catalyst and the catalyst will be the app, or we get someone so low going ‘fuck him, I’ll buy some’.”

BlockFi announces deal with FTX US, including get options $240 million

FTX US Rumored To Acquire Troubled Crypto Lender BlockFi As low as $25 million, BlockFi CEO Zac Prince revealed on Friday that the actual transaction costs are higher. According to Prince, BlockFi signed a $400 million revolving line of credit agreement with the derivatives exchange. As part of the deal, FTX US will have the ability to buy BlockFi outright for up to $240 million. Still, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to BlockFi’s valuation at this time last year, which was around $5 billion.

winners and losers

At the end of the week, bitcoin (bitcoin) lie in $19,433.55ether (Ethereum) exist $1,058.95 and Ripple exist $0.31. The total market value is $867.7 billion, according to to CoinMarketCap.

Among the largest 100 cryptocurrencies, the top three altcoin winners this week are TerraClassicUSD (University of Science and Technology of China) at 164.07%, Amps (ampere) at 7.52% and compound (Compare) was 6.15%.

The top three altcoin losers of the week are Storj (story) 30.28%, Polygon (MATIC) 21.52% and Zcash (ZEC) was 21.67%.

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most memorable quotes

“Anonymous is investigating Do Kwon’s entire history since he entered the crypto space to see what we can learn and reveal.”

anonymoushacker group

“For the first time in history, both Bitcoin and Ethereum traded below the ATH of their previous cycle during this period.”

glass nodeBlockchain Analysis Company

“A very solid use case for cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more apparent in the gaming industry, where people invest their time and get paid for it, all orchestrated by blockchain.”

Maurice MurrowChief Executive Officer

“There has been a real surge in interest from traditional hedge funds who are looking at Tether and want to short it.”

Leon MarshallGenesis Head of Institutional Sales

“The Metaverse is a market opportunity, a way to re-engage talent and connect people across the globe through new collaborative experiences.”

Laura NewwinskiVice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, KPMG

“We’ve been very focused on tokens, money, and Web3. I think it’s time to refocus on the underlying infrastructure layers that make this possible.”

Meltem DemirorsChief Strategy Officer, CoinShares

Forecast this week

Dogecoin price could rise 20% in July on this bullish reversal pattern

Since May 11, the price of OG memecoin DOGE appears to have been breaking out of a bumpy reversal (BARR) bottom, a technical pattern that indicates a widening trend reversal in a bear market. The mode consists of three phases: Import, Collision and Run. For now, DOGE appears to be in a bumpy phase and could rise 20% to $0.00941 in the near future.

FUD of the week

Notorious North Korean hacking group identified as suspect in $100 million Harmony attack

Lazarus Group, a prominent North Korea-based hacking group, has been identified as the prime suspect behind the recent $100 million Harmony protocol hack. The way in which Harmony’s Horizon bridge was hacked and stolen assets was laundered bears striking similarities to previous Lazarus hacks, such as the April value The $600 million Axie Infinity hack.

Singapore condemns 3AC for providing false information

Potentially insolvent cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) has been reprimanded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for providing inaccurate information about the amount of assets it owns. When 3AC was registered in Singapore in 2013, it was allowed to manage up to $180 million worth of funds for up to 30 investors, but it seems likely there may be some so-called smearing of the line in the name of so-called compliance.

OpenSea data breach leads to massive leak of user email addresses

NFT marketplace giant OpenSea warned users on Thursday that customer email lists had been leaked to outside parties. The leak occurred through an employee of Customer.io, a platform for managing email communications and campaigns. The company warned users about potential phishing attacks.

Best Cointelegraph Features

Crypto Utopia in Thailand – “90% cult without all the weird stuff”

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Metaverse Fractional Ownership Formation Similar to Real Estate Loans: Casper exec

According to Ralf Kubli, smart contracts can create partition agreements and divide virtual world land that can be rented out individually.

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