Hilton to design suites and bedrooms for Voyager’s private Starlab space station

Voyager and Lockheed Martin have found a partner to design an astronaut facility for their space station. Hilton Suites and bedrooms will be developed for Starlab, NBC Finance Channel Report. Under the partnership, Hilton and Voyager will also look for marketing opportunities related to Starlab, as well as travel to what could be one of the first space hotels.

NASA has awarded contracts to four private companies that are building private space stations ahead of the agency Plan to retire The International Space Station at the end of the decade. Axiom space, blue origin and Northrop Grumman Also working on the space station. Nanoracks, Voyager’s operating company, was awarded the largest contract worth $160 million.

Voyager and Lockheed Martin hope to have the first Starlab up and running by 2027. I would like to know how many Hilton Honors points it takes to travel there.

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