Here’s what to do if the commander moves to Woodbridge

Commander Washington wants to build a “mini city”. That’s a phrase used by Virginia Senator Richard Suslaw when trying to sell a bill that would allow teams to build their next stadium in the Commonwealth — surrounded by apartments, shops and other amenities –Pave the way.

If the commanders are successful, the mini-city concept could well land in Woodbridge after Burgundy and Gold last week bought an option to acquire 200 acres in the town.

Washington still has many hurdles to clear, but if the Commander moves to the area, fans may want to explore the town itself. Here are other things you can find in Woodbridge, maybe don’t get too excited:

• Potomac Mills Mall: The proposed Washington site is about 10 minutes from the Potomac Mills mall, home to outlet stores such as Gap Factory, Banana Republic Factory and JCrew Factory. (I sense a theme here) Google “what’s up in Woodbridge” and this mall is one of them if only The first option that appears. Need to sell more?Here’s what Trip Advisor has to say about the mall: “They have some great restaurants [sic] Same goes for the food court. “Put it on a billboard ASAP, misspellings, etc.

• IKEA: Near the Potomac Mall sits IKEA, or everyone’s favorite source of frustration when trying to assemble furniture. Come get the Swedish meatballs, if you’re slippery enough, you can take it to the tailgate and make it your own. Note that getting in and out of this IKEA is more difficult than leaving FedEx Field due to the traffic.

• Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge: It’s not a good sign when one of your main attractions includes the name of the next town. But rest assured, this wildlife sanctuary in Woodbridge is the perfect place to sit in nature and forget about the humiliating loss of commanders over the years.

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• Ripon Lodge: This historic site is one of the oldest houses in Prince William County. Built in 1747, the home was the site of a tobacco plantation run by Richard Blackburn and (later) his son Thomas. The latter served in the Revolutionary War and was appointed colonel. Or rather, he is a commander.

• Traffic, traffic and more traffic: Let’s be honest: that’s what you’ll find in Woodbridge. Get ready for a traffic jam on Interstate 95.

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