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it’s crazy how magnuson moss act literally applies to everything except apple products and john deere machines.

It’s crazy how you literally don’t understand how the magnuson and moss act works, nor what the word “literally” means.

The act applies to warranties, and a companys obligations during the warranty period. It has nothing to do right to repair after the warranty has expired. That is an entirely separate issue which the US needs to start addressing, but hasn’t.

Second, it only applies to consumer products. Things like tractors etc purchased for commercial use are 100% not covered under this legislation.

However, if you have your own farm and use ag equipment in a not-for-profit fashion, such as maintaining your land and/or producing/harvesting food etc for personal consumption, the magnuson and moss act actually would apply to the warranties of said equipment.

Can google and find court rulings / interpretation in recent years on these topics.

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