Here is what we know about the Jacqueline Fernandez-Sukesh Chandrasekhar case

Jacqueline Fernandez was stopped by immigration officials at Mumbai Airport on Sunday because she received a LOC (Attention Notice). The Enforcement Agency (ED) has issued a complaint against Jacqueline Fernandez in the Sukesh Chandrasekar case. The actress was supposed to go to Dubai for a show, but was stopped and accepted some brief inquiries. The actress was further told that when she was summoned, she must appear in front of Delhi’s investigative agency.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez

According to media reports, ED has filed charges in the Delhi court against Sukesh Chandrasekar and his associates in a US$2 billion money laundering case. Sukesh Chandrasekar allegedly extorted 2 billion rupees from the wife of a businessman while he was in Tihar prison. The media further reported that ED had evidence that there was a financial transaction between Sukesh Chandrasekar and Jacqueline Fernandez. Allegedly, the crook also presented Jacqueline Fernandez with a horse worth 5.2 million rupees and a Persian cat worth 900 thousand rupees, but the total cost of all the gifts given to her was 100 million rupees.

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