Helping to stabilize the chaos in Afghanistan is in the best interest of the United States

America must help save Afghanistan

With the economy in free fall, Afghanistan is facing what the United Nations describes The worst economic crisis in history. The excuses made by the United States and its allies to avoid this crisis are shameful and unreasonable.

According to the United Nations, 23 million Afghans are facing hunger and 3 million children are at risk of severe malnutrition. We shoulder the great responsibility of helping these people without worrying about whether our actions will legitimize the Taliban government.

Further turmoil in Afghanistan will cause a flood of refugees to flow into Europe, and the chaos will provide fertile ground for the Afghan branch of the Islamic State Group and al-Qaeda terrorists. The United States must act decisively to save the Afghans. This is in our national interest and is the correct approach.

-Hadi Javad, Irving

Energy transfer, not loss

The December 19th story “Climate Change May Bring Extremely Cold Weather to Texas” (1C) elaborated on the possibility of our changing climate leading to a major freezing in February last year. We know that climate change is leading to higher temperatures, heat waves, droughts and stronger and more deadly storms. If we do nothing, these problems will worsen. Sudden, devastating freezes will only be added to the list.

We need to stop using fossil fuels and switch to renewable and low-carbon energy. We should improve energy efficiency and reduce the resources we use. Popular and effective policies such as carbon pricing can make this transition a reality.

-Vivienne Hunter, Arlington

Yes, it depends on your choice

The author of a letter to the editor on December 26 under the subtitle, “Progressive methods are evil,” and he was upset that people were told that they might die of COVID-19 if they didn’t follow their instructions. National data shows that 80% of COVID deaths in Texas are not vaccinated.

We are all just asked to use common sense. Sir, you can keep your freedom and choose not to receive the injection—just like you can choose not to run a red light and get lucky, not cause an accident, or get a ticket.

-Tracy Smith, Fort Worth

The chaos of air travel is absurd

What does the Federal Aviation Administration think will happen when COVID-19 testing becomes an alternative to mandatory vaccination for all flight crews? It is outrageous that the air circulating in jet aircraft is considered unsafe. Who is making these decisions? Now, more testing.

I am very happy that I am retired and can travel by car.

-Julie Wende, Fort Worth

Cartoon sending error message

What are you thinking about publishing an editorial cartoon by Jeff Danitzger, depicting Dr. Anthony Fauci trying to fly an airplane? (Dec. 28, 7A) It’s hard enough to get people vaccinated without giving people an excuse not to vaccinate, and that’s what the cartoon did.

-Robert Clark, Saginaw

How to help yourself

As a healthcare practitioner, I want to highlight some facts about COVID-19 and treatment.

First of all, the vaccine is effective. Failure to vaccinate will put you at risk of death, especially if you are older and have a pre-existing disease.

Secondly, if you are sick, call your doctor for testing and proven treatment, and if you show signs of secondary infection (such as bronchitis or pneumonia), this includes steroids and antibiotics.

Third, if there is no improvement or deterioration in the first 10 days, monoclonal antibodies may be needed. Turn to your doctor. Don’t wait for the government to help you. The federal government failed to provide an adequate dose.

-Thomas Pugasen, Arlington

Acknowledging the truth is patriotic

A text message to Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, on January 6 proves that the White House is striving to overthrow our democracy.

As with any felony, those who abet such efforts are equally guilty. A host of elected and unelected Republicans pretended to believe the demagogue’s lies of a stolen election.

My fellow Americans, it’s time to look in the mirror and say: “I was fooled. I was deceived. I did not fulfill my responsibilities as a citizen of this great country.” Love-not a love of a liar or his party.

As a country, let us do justice and lock up those who committed this riot so that it does not happen again to more capable conspirators.

-Charles Stonek Granbury

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