Hawkeye Review: The Marvel series starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld may miss the target

At the premiere, Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and his children are in New York City, leaving behind his unimaginable wife (Linda Cardrini). But the early focus was on the young Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) and her origin story, who lost her father and-inspired by Hawkeye-dedicated to mastering fighting and archery, which soon came in handy .

Kate basically stumbled upon a strange conspiracy, and in the process encountered an artifact destined to attract Clint’s attention. However, his short temper is understandable, it is understandable, because he is embroiled in a mystery that keeps him in New York, threatening the family time he has always hoped for, and Christmas is only a few days away.

And “Wanda Vision” and “Rocky,” “Eagle Eye” cleverly reviewed the early moments of the Marvel Universe, and was not eager to reveal the secrets, including what the real danger might be.Fans can also see more Reina (now pulling a series of dual tasks “Mayor of Kingston”) As a hero in the family man mode, it seems to be a wrinkle made for the series format.

However, as originally arranged, the battle faced by the couple involved a group of particularly exhausted gangsters. Even shows that are close to the run of their episodes like super long movies give viewers more motivation than that, especially when these installments are released every week.

So what is left? In the first episode, a joke that really makes people laugh, and the interaction between the grumpy Clint and the enthusiastic Kate, Stanfield is selected as some kind of baton (or arrow) pass, but moderately fulfilled is early to go.

In addition to entering the world of superheroes, Kate’s problems include the establishment of her mother (Vera Farmiga, underutilized at first) and Jack (Tony Dalton who “calls Sol better”) A new relationship was established, which aroused Kate’s suspicion.

Marvel’s Disney+ series has Use the platform cleverly Explore the established roles more comprehensively, while planting seedlings for future branches-for various reasons, this is a logical strategy that allows the studio to experiment with different types of shows.It’s definitely cheaper than jumping directly to something similar “eternal” On the big screen.
Although not employed so far, “Eagle Eye” Trailer It does show that there will be a skill arrow before the end. However, unless that arsenal significantly increases the show’s payload, the person who once said he can’t miss may be ironically associated with a compelling Marvel series.

“Eagle Eye” premiered on Disney+ on November 24.

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