Harris publishes a strategy to address the root causes of immigration

Santiago (Associated Press)-Vice President Kamala Harris said on Thursday, Efforts to address the root causes of migration The plan from the three Central American countries will not produce immediate results because she announced a broad strategy to avoid detailed targets and deadlines.

Harris said that the United States alone cannot solve the deep-rooted motivations of people leaving Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, including Corruption, violence and povertyShe said that the governments of Mexico, Japan and South Korea and the United Nations have pledged to join this effort, but did not elaborate.

A one-page letter from the vice president and Fact Sheet Stick to previous statements supporting short-term relief of immigration pressure, such as extreme weather At the same time, continue to pay attention to people’s long-term motivations to leave the country.

She wrote: “We will build on an effective foundation, and we will get rid of ineffective methods.” “This is not easy, and progress will not happen overnight, but we are committed to doing it well.”

Harris pointed out that she Recently went to Guatemala, “One of the biggest challenges is corruption.” On Tuesday, the Biden administration said it would suspend cooperation with the Office of the Attorney General of Guatemala. Dismissal of the agency’s top anti-corruption prosecutor, Said it “lost confidence” in the country’s will Fight corruption.

The White House also issued a “Collaborative immigration management strategy”, President Joe Biden issued an order in February to outline how the United States will work with other countries to resolve immigration flows. Like the root cause strategy, this one-page document is a broad statement of principles, many of which have previously been championed by Biden and senior aides. They include expanding protection and employment opportunities in countries where people leave, creating more legal ways to enter the United States, and promoting “safe and humane border management.”

Harris’ task was undertaken by Biden when he was President Barack Obama’s vice president. Its scope and complexity are immense, and the government has been working hard to find short-term and long-term responses.

U.S. border authorities report a large number of immigrants Mexico border In June, the number of families and children traveling alone increased significantly. This trend seems to continue in July, when soaring temperatures usually prevent people from coming.

509 migrants from Central and South America surrendered in Hidalgo, Texas on Monday night. A few hours later, they met another group of 336 migrants nearby, the head of the border patrol department in the Rio Grande Valley. Said En Hastings. Border crossing.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security stated that it had resumed expedited deportation of “certain” families who did not express fear of being deported, that is, expedited deportation. Although it has never announced a suspension, many families who entered the country illegally have been released in the United States and ordered to appear in immigration court or report to immigration authorities.

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