Harley-Davidson Series 1 Rush/Cty Review: Ho-Hum Ebike

Harley-Davidson-that model The red, white, and blue swaggers are somewhere between baseball and apple pie in the pantheon of American Idol-the motor was originally installed on the bicycle in 1903. Their first model is Serial Model One. Therefore, when it spins out a new brand that focuses on electric bicycles, what else can this bicycle be called besides Serial 1?

I am looking forward to Harley swagger’s electric bike. I think it will be a burly, aggressive cruiser, or an ultralight high-performance bicycle.After all, Harley makes some sports motorcycles-especially athlete with Boolean-In the past. However, what Harley does is not an interesting and playful bicycle, but a smart light SUV. Serial 1 is not a cruiser, but a Harley version of Honda CR-V.

It’s business hours

Photo: Series 1

Riding upright, everything is normal. This bike is a wise grocery store, not a sporty corner car. But you may be able to see this from the accompanying mudguards and front and rear luggage racks. The shelves are small, but they can still be used to hold luggage bags, and the fenders protect me from road sprays.

There is an LED headlight in the vertical head tube under the handlebar, which is a nice but increasingly standard touch, although Not every electric bike comes with oneThere are also two tail lights integrated in the hooks on the rear frame. They look cool, but they are too low from the ground. The taillights of bicycles should be high so that traffic can see them more easily. There, drivers and other cyclists can easily miss the two micro LEDs.

Other standard features include hydraulic disc brakes and a small storage box in the down tube to secure the Abus Bordo folding lock.This is a good touch, even if the folding lock is mine Least favorite bicycle lock type.

Free spin

Photo: Series 1

My review unit is a Rush/Cty model, a Level 2 electric car There is no manual throttle, and its electric motor stops at a speed of 20 miles per hour. It uses the Gates ribbon drive system. Rubber belts have advantages over traditional metal chains. On the one hand, they are smoother and quieter. There are fewer clinks and vibrations transmitted to your feet through the pedals, and they are less likely to pop up during riding. In addition, you don’t have to lubricate the rubber belt, so you are less likely to get dirty grease on the trouser legs like you would with a chain.

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