“Halo: Infinite” may have a grappling hook, but it is still a discipline

TonThe best thing i can say Halo: Infinite Yes it will get better. The single player campaign started as a basic first-person shooter, full of nostalgia, and ended up as a basic open-world shooter, swimming in a sci-fi metaphor, by everyone’s favorite unsentimental space soldier and his co-dependent artificial Smart assistant starring.

As the first open world portal in the Halo series, and More than a year of additional development time, I have high hopes unlimited. Maybe too high. Even with grappling hooks, this game cannot touch them.

I said all this is the love in my heart.I have been a fan of Halo ever since Battle evolution, I have twenty years of happy memories related to franchising, most of which I relived while playing games unlimitedThis part is a treat—nothing is better than turning a random metal-lined corridor, or driving a warthog along a narrow mountain road, and feeling the warm, pleasant familiarity.This time and time again unlimited.

small tools

However, retrofitting the old environment is the easy part. Halo infinite It is the first open-world entry in franchise history, providing the sergeant with more exploration and spontaneity than ever before. However, in practice, Zeta Halo’s world is included, and to a large extent linear, there are few surprises, and there is no incentive to break the norm. There are bases to be occupied and tribes to be defeated, but on such a narrow map, these side missions will naturally appear along the path of the main storyline, and the game will automatically switch the target to any nearby mission. The side missions are folded into the campaign like this, and they are no different from the main mission.

When I was ready to go out and explore the ring, I realized that I had clicked all the icons on the map.

Halo: Infinite

small tools

That said, unlimited Introduced new mechanisms and tools that are very fun to play. The best of these gadgets is the grappling hook.There is no invisible wall inside unlimited, And the grappling hook allow players to use the vertical space of Zeta Halo to climb mountains and buildings in a series of bangs and swings. The grappling hook opens up a new vantage point for each battle, and it saves my sergeant from multiple falls. (I might even sing “Spider grows, spider grows…” under my breath every now and then. Maybe.)

When using the Xbox controller to play the game, the grappling hook is located on the D-pad, and three other tools will be added to Chief’s arsenal as the game progresses: shields, radar darts, and sprint actions that I rarely use. I have tried deploying dashes, but I really don’t understand the point of grappling hooks doing the same thing, but with faster speed and more directions.

Switching these options on the arrow keys requires some practice, but once it becomes second nature, hooks, shields, and radar will make every battle more dynamic than Halo. The grappling hook allows the chief sergeant to pick up objects such as guns and throwable explosives from a distance, eventually shocking the enemy when they come in contact, and allowing the player to successfully take over the enemy vehicle. unlimited It is best when it provides a rich environment to capture, protect and land floating aerial headshots, as the enemy attacks from all sides.

Halo: Infinite

small tools

Now I want to say some nonsense about the grappling hook. I know, I just praise it, I support everything I say, but I have to put it in context.In my opinion, the most obvious innovation Halo infinite It’s that it uses vertical space with the help of grappling hooks-but this is not a new idea at all, and frankly, other games do better.

Just to name a few recent examples: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2017 made headlines due to rethinking vertical exploration in open world spaces; last year, Eternal doom Exquisitely demonstrated the power of parkour mechanism in the FPS environment; and insomnia Spiderman series The art of high swing has been perfected. Compared with these games, unlimitedThe mechanism is not innovative at all.

I propose this because I think comparison is a kind of injury Halo infinite Only applicable to other Halo games, not its competitors.After all, competition is the root of evolution-this is Halo of jam. When venturing into open world games, I have more expectations for the pioneers of the FPS genre. Just because it is new to Halo does not mean it is new to the industry.

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