‘Hades’ nails its depiction of polyamorous love and kinks

in its 2020 Released after a long early access phase, indie games Hades Immediately loved by gamers and critics alike, hit a million sales Shortly after the official release, the collection Award nomination from a range of game shows and has appeared in numerous year-end checklistThe roguelike from developer Supergiant follows the Greek demigod Zagreus as he tries to escape the underworld run by his titular father while interacting with many other Olympian gods and legends from Greek mythology.Besides the tight and fun gameplay and gorgeous art, it really makes Hades Shine is its brilliant and nuanced writing. This extends to the game’s romance options, which subtly and aggressively showcase relationship elements rarely touched on in the game, namely polyamorous love and kinks that are portrayed better than many of their peers.

Hades Having three players can have Zagreus woo’s characters: Dusa, a floating gorgon head that inhabits the rest area between games; Thanatos, the Greek incarnation of death, who appears to be Zagreus on the run Offers challenges and rewards; and Megaera, one of Fury’s sisters, appears alongside her siblings as the boss of the first part of the game. Players advance these romances between escape attempts by engaging in dialogue with each character and providing them with collectible nectar, opening up new scenarios and deepening their bonds.

While this romantic approach is a fairly standard video game trope, Hades A rare story is offered here, as Dousa will explain at the end of her storyline that she has no romantic feelings for Sargerus, although she has tried, and the two agree to build a A more platonic but equally deep friendship.

This makes Thanatos and Megara characters that Zagreth can have a romantic relationship with. Players can pursue both or neither at their own pace.If the player does develop a relationship with both, it will not be long before a scene Will happen when Thanatos and Megara show up in Zagreth’s room and offer to put everyone to sleep together, after which Megara says the three characters “have come to an understanding here,” effectively letting The three entered a polyamorous relationship.

general speaking, polyamorous Refers to having a romantic or sexual relationship with more than one person and all parties agree to the arrangement. (It’s also important to note that while Zagreus, Megaera, and Thanatos all sleep together, that’s not a requirement for a polyamorous relationship, which isn’t inherently sexual.) As they talk together, this becomes Hades The trio has the rest of the game.

What makes this description so remarkable is how rare it is still in any medium, let alone in video games. In many games with love, choosing one partner will get you into that romance without being able to explore the other at the same time.Players may be able to flirt with multiple characters at the same time, but they will be forced to choose a partner at some point and have to break up with them in order to be with someone else, as in Mass Effect series or stardew valley. Manda Farough, Co-Founder F squared Picked up with a Twitch streamer who was a polyam himself Hades and amazed at this performance. “It was really great to be able to see these two characters, like, I didn’t have to choose because they were both beautiful,” she said. “And they’re weird and scary and wonderful in different ways.”

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