Hackers get a taste of their medicine as community recovers stolen NFTs

At the height of the NFT boom, stories of traders being scammed out of their non-fungible tokens were fairly common. However, in an interesting twist of events, the Solana community banded together to “scam” a crook to get back some of the stolen NFTs.

It all started with a hack of the Discord channel of cross-chain game development studio Uncharted NFT, where the crooks managed to drain 109 user wallets.Scammers escape over 150 Sol Tokens and 25 World of Solana (WOS) NFTs, including three rare and highly valuable digital collectibles.

WOS is a collection of 2,222 unique heroines, and the most expensive avatar currently listed is 123 SOL ($5,600). The current floor price for the series is 2.03 SOL.

After the hack, the community decided to get back the stolen NFTs. The WOS team reached out to their development partner, who goes by the name Cyber​​frog on Twitter, and increased the royalties on stolen NFTs from the default 5% to 98%.

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The community is asked to keep an eye out for any new listings from MagicEden, the Solana NFT marketplace. Within two days, the scammers were counted, the community successfully repurchased 15 NFTs, and the other 10 were sniped.

Sniping is the process of waiting until the last few seconds of the NFT auction to win the bid. This strategy is used to prevent other NFT bidders from making higher bids before the auction ends.

The community also managed to recover 10 other sniped NFTs and returned 25 WOS NFTs to the rightful owners.

The Twitter thread details the hack and the community’s work to get them all back, also asking community members to “always use a burner wallet and be careful when minting.” The small NFT community has now successfully fought back against the scammers twice.