Greenidge Generation will use BTC mining profits to build solar farms

Bitcoin mining company Greenidge Generation plans to increase the amount of renewable energy that can be used in New York.

In Thursday’s announcement, Greenwich Say It will use its Bitcoin profits (Bitcoin) Miners in the Finger Lakes area of ​​New York State are speeding up the closure of nearby coal ash landfills. The company plans to transform the Rockwood Mountain base into a solar farm capable of generating 5 megawatts of electricity.

Greenidge CEO Jeff Kirt stated that the project “makes more renewable energy a reality by using bitcoin mining profits to fund the establishment of new solar farms in landfills.” The company said it aims to create high-tech jobs for residents and support local businesses through solar farms.

It seems that new energy can also be used to enhance the company’s ability to operate its Bitcoin factory on Lake Seneca, which aims to Use 85 MW for crypto mining To next year. The plant used to be coal-powered, but reportedly now uses natural gas.

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The mining company stated that it operates a “100% carbon neutral” BTC mining facility and owns Plans to expand to South Carolina As early as this year. Greenidge’s goal is to achieve at least 500 MW of operating capacity in multiple locations by 2025.

However, critics of Greenidge-including the environmental group Seneca Lake Guardian-claim that the mining company’s operations are not as environmentally friendly as it seems, saying that the company relies on natural gas produced by hydraulic fracturing.Local residents also blamed Greenwich Responsible for temperature rise In Seneca Lake, it is claimed to discharge overheated water.