Greek artist sends message in support of freedom via Assange NFT Drop

Respected artist Miltos Manetas will tokenize 50% of his portraits of Julian Assange with the aim of raising awareness of jailed activists.To further solidify the blockchain connection, the proceeds of the NFT will go into a DAO that is part of the Venice Biennale Festival Internet Paviliona tech tent founded by Manetas in 2009.

name It can’t be erased, a special collection of 111 NFTs will give buyers access to one-to-one digital versions of the hand-painted portraits that Manetas has created over the past two years. The series will be divided into three phases, starting on June 23, with 37 tokens minted on the Materia blockchain.

these years Venice BiennaleNow in its 59th year, it runs from April 23rd to November 27th. While most of the festival’s tents are reserved for the state, the Internet Pavilion is dedicated to Assange under the theme “AIIA – Assange is the Internet The Internet is Assange.”

Manetas aims to leverage #AssangePower

“Can’t Be Erased” was produced by Manetas with the support of longtime collaborator Howie B, the British composer who scored the original Internet Pavilion event thirteen years ago. At the time, Manetas and curator Jan Aman caused controversy by inviting some of those involved in the rights-defense site The Pirate Bay to Venice to unveil the pirate embassy.

The latest collection sparked Manetas’ interest in freedom in the age of the internet, where the artist continues to express his support for the man he sees as a close friend. The painter, whose digital work has previously appeared on the VR platform Second Life, likened the Wikileaks founder’s silence to the government’s attempt to suppress dissent on the World Wide Web, sparking the aforementioned theme for this year’s Internet Pavilion: Assange is the Internet The Internet is Assange strange.

The 111 NFTs in the series are curated digital versions of Assange portraits created by the artist during the #AssangePower social media campaign. That blitz led Manetas to exhibit his work at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and later the IKOB Museum in Belgium, with an exhibition entitled Assange Situation – Emergency.

This year, the location of the Internet Pavilion is the sprawling prison-like realm of the Gervasuti Foundation, which Manetas sees as an appropriate setting given Assange’s continued incarceration. The foundation is located at the northern end of Via Garibaldi, on the site of the Gervasuti family’s artisan wood workshop.

Holders of Inerasable will not only own a piece of art history; they will also become trustees of AIIA, the NFT designated as the “currency” of a new Internet “nation” that is not bound by borders or barriers. As mentioned, the money raised from this auction will go to the Internet Pavilion DAO, which means art collectors can help decide which art projects the pavilion will fund in the future.

Assange in trouble

Miltos Manetas has said his goal is to raise awareness of Assange’s treatment, arguing that he has been unfairly demonized for whistleblowing.This view is echoed by human rights group Amnesty International, which incoming call Britain’s decision to extradite Assange to the US is a “mockery of justice”.

The NFTs that make up the new series last for one minute, during which the holder sees Assange’s face, cracked and never erased before recovering quickly. Each artwork is accompanied by a musical theme composed by Howie B.

Assange is currently appealing the British government’s extradition ruling. If the appeal fails, the activist could face up to 175 years in prison if convicted in a U.S. court.

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