Gray of the United States finally reached 76 kg after being disappointed in Rio

Chiba, Japan (Associated Press) – Adeline Gray knowledge she At least it will claim that elusive Olympic medal.

Now, she You can face up to gold.

greyFive-time world champion, never won an Olympic medal during this period she Profession. she At the 2016 Rio Olympics, after losing in the quarter-finals, he won a disappointing seventh place.

she In Sunday’s 76 kg semifinals, he defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Aiperi Medet Kyzy 3-2 and made a breakthrough.

With victory, she Won the sixth Olympic medal for American women, and is expected to become the second woman in the United States to win a gold medal.

“We are in the finals” grey Say. “I mean, this is the goal, right? I think my team is waiting for me to let the ball roll on my right foot. I think I have done this.”

grey Participated in the 2016 Olympics with injuries, and finally she No activity for a year.As she Thinking back to Rio, she Realize how bad it is she The situation is entering that Olympic Games.

“I have expectations of myself, I think everyone else has completed the last four games and it did a great job for me,” she Say. “I have been undefeated for 2 1/2 years. I didn’t see anyone really being able to face me head-on. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I was injured.”

Now, shehave she Health and she Shoot to the gold medal. she Monday’s final will face Germany’s Arlene Roth-Falken. The two are friends-Gray even invited Rot Falken to her wedding.

“We have been talking about this for years,” grey Say. “We have been competing with each other since we were 17 or 16. So it’s like, so many years of hard work and hard work are getting results.”

In the semifinals, the 30-year-old grey At the age of 22, Kyzy met an unfamiliar opponent.

she Cleaning the house with many people who match me well, so I am ready to fight.” grey Say. “It’s a little closer than I expected. sheIt’s slippery in some positions, but I really feel that my position has become better she. “

grey One point is awarded for Kyzy’s inactivity, and the other point is she Forcing Kyzy to quit. With about a minute left, there was a scramble on the edge and Kyzy didn’t score. Kyrgyzstan challenged and failed, Gray scored a point and led 3-0. Kyzy fell to the ground with one leg in the last minute, but grey hold onto.

grey Dominant she In the first game, Zaineb Sghaier of Tunisia equalized the score with a score of 2:11. Before she scored, she led 8-0.

grey The quarterfinals played against Turkey’s Arthur Min Adal.Adal won the world championship in 2017, and grey Recovering from injury.

With the “tiger eyes” of survivors as the background, grey Occupies most of the game and leads 6-0. Adal was knocked down in the last 25 seconds and injured his ankle, forcing Gray to defend in the last few seconds before winning 6-4.

Cuban Mijain Lopez defeated Turkey’s Riza Kayap 2-0 in the Greco-Rome 130kg semifinal and won the fourth Olympic gold medal. This is the rematch of the 2016 gold medal match, and Lopez also won the gold medal. Lopez will face Georgia’s Iakobi Kajaia in the final.

In another final on Monday, JapanIn the 60 kg Greco-Roman group, Kenichiro Fumida will face Cuba’s Luis Horta.

American Ildar Hafizov lost to Horta 5-0 in the first game with a score of 60 kg. Because his opponent reached the final, he is still alive and can fight for the bronze medal. On Monday, he will face Sergey Emelin of the Russian Olympic Committee for a chance to qualify for the bronze medal. No. 2 seed Emmelin lost to Horta 4-3 in the quarterfinals.

Two former women’s gold medalists were eliminated from the medal battle.

Erica Wiebe of Canada is the 2016 Olympic gold medalist in the 75kg category. She lost the first game at the age of 76 against Epp Maee of Estonia on Sunday. competition. Wiebe trailed 5-0, but led 5-4 in the final minute, and then Maee finally prevented Wiebe’s aggressive charge.

Natalia Vorobieva of the Russian Olympic Committee, the 2012 72 kg gold medal and the 2016 69 kg silver medal winner, lost 12-0 to Kyz in the 76 kg quarter-finals.

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