Grand jury probes Colorado election equipment tampering

Grand Junction, Colo. — A grand jury will investigate allegations of tampering with election equipment and official misconduct in a Colorado county where staff members are under investigation for allegedly violating the security of election equipment, prosecutors said Thursday.

A Mesa County grand jury heard the case Wednesday and will assist in the continuation of the charges, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weathers and Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said in a joint statement. The investigation, which has been underway for several months.

“This investigation will be thorough and guided by facts and the law. More information will be provided when prosecutors are ethically and legally allowed to provide more details,” they said in the announcement, which was first issued by The Daily Sentinel reports.

The statement did not say who would be investigated, but it came from the Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters under investigation FBI In May, Colorado officials were implicated in a security breach in Mesa County election equipment.Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold successfully sued Peters and a deputy, Belinda Knisley, were removed from office to manage November’s midterm elections. Peters Denies any wrongdoing.

phone message left Peters‘ The lawyer did not return it immediately.

Peters Rejected state settlement offer that could have been allowed she Re-entry into county election departments under strict state oversight, the Daily Sentinel reported Thursday.Griswold’s office’s call for proposals Peters “Totally deny, withdraw and deny” some of her statements about voting security.

Peters Has become a champion for those who believe the 2020 election is fraudulent without evidence — despite she Zeng said the election in Mesa County, which overwhelmingly voted for then-President Donald Trump, was safe and accurate. Democrat Joe Biden handily defeated Trump in Colorado in 2020.

Knisley was subsequently suspended from Rubinstein’s office and charged with felony second-degree burglary and misdemeanor cybercrime. Knesley has also denied wrongdoing.

November, a FBIThe led law enforcement task force searched four locations in western Colorado in the investigation, including Peters’ home.

Griswold sues for deletion Peters As a county clerk and recorder, Griswold said images of Mesa County’s election equipment management software were obtained by election conspiracy theorists and posted on far-right blogs.

Griswold’s office said one of the photos was taken on May 23 in a Mesa County safe room where voting equipment was stored and was seized that day. Peters, who allow non-employees to enter the room.

Griswold’s office has identified who was allowed into the safe room, but declined to give further information. The Associated Press will not release the person’s name until more information is available. he Not charged with a crime.

In a statement appealed by Griswold’s office Peters withdraw from the settlement proposal, Peters Sentinel recently stated that “we have to get these machines so that they are transparent to people and they are not doing what they were designed to do,” Sentinel reported.

Peters said in a statement she rejected the proposal because it called for she deny she belief.

“Please say when in the history of the world you were asked to ‘deny’ your beliefs, especially your belief in transparency, in exchange for your right to be a good person,” Peters said at the press conference.

“I’m not surprised that the radical secretary of state wants to keep his mouth shut she Hide all election issues,” said she Attorney, former Republican Secretary of State Scott Geisler.

Peters commented first FBI– Search for appearances on online channels run by MyPillow CEO and supporter Mike Lindell Peters And Trump, who has repeatedly been infamous for claiming the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

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