Got the goat wrong: West Point cadets try to grab the navy mascot

pastry, New York – pastry The cadets tried to catch the mascot of the U.S. Naval Academy before the annual convention army-According to reports, a different goat was finally caught in the Navy football game.

United States Military Academy This weekend, the trainees went to a farm near Annapolis, Maryland, where the navy mascot Bill belongs to a long list of goat mascots of the same name. The students chased the frightened goat. According to the New York Times, they did not seize Act No. 37, but took away Act No. 34, a 14-year-old retiree with a single character.

pastry Officials are unwilling to confirm the details of the incident on Tuesday, but said the animal has returned safely and they are investigating the perpetrator.

“this United States Military Academy The U.S. Naval Academy is disappointed with the recently broken trust between our brothers and sisters. None of these actions reflect the core values ​​of dignity and respect for any college,” read a prepared statement attributed to Lieutenant General Darryl Williams and Lieutenant General Sean Buck.

Grabbing a mascot is a decades-long tradition of service academies, and is often regarded as a prank by the perpetrators. But since the early 1990s, it has been officially banned.

In 2018, army The official is pastry A falcon from the Air Force Academy apologized after being injured in a prank.

this army-The navy competition will be held on December 11.

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