Google’s top search views on the U.S. in 2021

Google launches every year Popular search list In the United States, let readers have a tantalizing view of the collective identity of the United States.

These lists do not simply show what people search for the most, but instead highlight words and phrases that people searched this year and did not search the previous year. In fact, these searches reflect our recent fears, desires, and questions-these questions we are embarrassed to ask anyone except Google.

Simon Rogers as Google Data Editor Given to me last year, “You will never be as honest as you are with search engines. You will understand what people really care about and really want to know—not just how they present themselves to the rest of the world.”

These lists are naturally everywhere, but some common themes rise to the top, giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to be an American in 2021. This year, our search history shows that we are interested in alternative assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as well as continued economic insecurity, as evidenced by our questions about when to get stimulus checks and whether we are eligible for student loan forgiveness.The cultural differences between millennials and Gen Z appear in inquiries about what hair accessories and style of jeans, as do other social media trends that seem to appeal to everyone, such as how to make TikTok pasta or Squid game biscuits. Finally, in the year when the Covid-19 vaccine was widely available, many Americans turned to search engines, wondering how to become a normal person again, because people once again participated in face-to-face events and had to figure out what pants people wear and not sweatpants. .

Economic benefits-and insecurity

According to your point of view, in 2021, either cryptocurrency will grow into a viable financial asset, or it will prove to be a scam, or it will only become a Mainstream. It is of course very popular on Google.

Doggo coins are a hot topic in the “how to pronounce” and “where to buy” categories (however, people are more interested in where to buy than how to say it). The price of Ethereum is headline search. Emoticons Like AMC and GameStop are also new hot searches in 2021. Their performance in the stock market this year is also puzzling.

The continuing economic uncertainty in the United States may underpin this new interest in the stock market and alternative assets as a way to get rich quickly. Trend searches of Mega Millions lottery and stimulus checks show that regular sources of income have not completely disappeared. Popular searches for occupations include very fragile but flexible jobs, such as Amazon sellers and Doordash drivers.

although put off Student loan repayment and interest by January 2022, Americans often ask Student loan forgiveness and cancellation This year. Rising student loan debt has created major economic hurdles for many young Americans, leading to problems ranging from delays in home ownership to wealth inequality.

None of the popular searches surrounding finance feel particularly stable, probably because contributing to your 401k is not as sexy as blockchain (but it may also be a better financial bet).Sites like Douyin Full of financial advice, But it might be smarter to use them to figure out what to wear instead of how to accumulate wealth.

Generation gap and TikTok trends

This year, a Largely exaggerated war Between Millennials and Generation Z staged in social media and search. Younger group made fun of Millennials Millennials do things like wearing tight jeans and sideways – and no house. Some Millennials way to criticism too seriously, I did not understand the joke. Others just search on Google skinny jeans or bell-bottoms whether popular (both of which are popular search).

The melee does not reflect any substantive content about the style of millennials, but shows the rising self-awareness of millennials, who were once a sign of complaints from baby boomers, and may now be losing cultural relevance.

The Internet is also full of trends that seem to span generations. Many food trends (TikTok pasta), fashion trends (dark academia) and celebrity trends (Pete Davidson) appear in Google search, although it is not clear how much staying power they have every day, it seems that there are new things or cultures on TikTok pipeline.

As Rebecca Jennings, a senior culture reporter at Vox, told me recently, as trends rise and fall faster than ever before, virality has become shorter. Therefore, even if searches for cottagecore, wolf haircuts, and hamantaschen are popular, it may not be necessary to figure out what they are.

How to move forward

This year, Americans not only have a practical understanding of vaccines, but also have a clear preference for pharmaceutical companies that provide vaccines. “Pfizer or Moderna” was a breakthrough search because people expressed their loyalty to #TeamPfizer or #TeamModerna through social media posts, and even commodityThe core of these searches is a sense of relief.

In addition to search outside the vaccination site, near the search bar, bowling alley, brunches and buffets are “near me” hot list among the best. These activities in the last year is almost unthinkable, when the popular search includes looking for toilet paper and protests nearby. People are still on a Google search in concert, what to wear and bridal shower graduation – as do virtually non-existent last year’s event. These popular search we try to remember how to restore the normal index after such a strange life.

For me, the most sad and popular search category is probably the search that starts with “how to be”.

It is dominated by how to qualify for the stimulus check, but beyond that, it points to the basic insecurity that many of us face after being relatively isolated for nearly two years: “how to become more attractive”, “how to Be happy alone,” “How to make yourself happy” and “How to be a good kisser” are on the list.

These lists are interesting snapshots of Americans in 2021: embarrassment, hopefulness, and economic and social uncertainty.​​​ They are also a good reminder that many things about how to live cannot be figured out online.

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