Google teases smart glasses prototype that translates languages ​​in real time: gadgets

If they look like real glasses instead of bulky or very obvious “tech glasses”, then I’m excited to see what happens with these. Translator apps on Android are pretty good already, so honestly, being able to see who you’re talking to when real-time translation happens sounds great.

EDIT: It must be weird that people downvote others for saying they want to try something like this. I guess some people are still scarred by Google’s first attempt so long ago? What’s not to like about glasses that can show you information (like a HUD) or translate for you in real-time with someone you’re talking to in a language you don’t know? Google Lense is already actively translated in the logo of the product, or can scan the product and tell you more about it, which I think would be cool even in glasses. I guess I’m weird to embrace the technology of the future.

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