Google Pixel 7 prototype allegedly appears on eBay

it seems Just can’t stop its upcoming hardware from showing up in the wild.a few weeks later Left at a restaurant (before Google confirmed the device’s existence), it appears that someone is trying to sell the Pixel 7 on eBay.

ebay For what does look like a Pixel 7 prototype superior , but was later withdrawn. The image posted by the seller doesn’t provide further information on the device. The front looks similar to the Pixel 6, punch-hole camera, and more. The camera bar on the back also has two lenses.

Take a closer look at one of the images, though, and you’ll see something that might surprise you. In the so-called reflection on the back of the Pixel 7, it looks like a Pixel 7 Pro — the device sellers use to take pictures. This suggests that no matter who the seller is, they will have access to both models of the upcoming Pixel line.


In the description, the seller claims that the Pixel 7 is running Android 13 and its app is in development. They say the phone has 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, and they’re selling it as is, “without warranty of any kind.” The phone will ship from McKinney, Texas.

Although Google and its Pro siblings on I/O, which are still a few months away from these devices, which will be in ,start selling. Google will definitely provide a deeper look at the hardware event. But, given the leaks so far, we’ll probably already know every detail when Google officially shows them off.

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