Google Pixel 6a leak: updated design, outdated camera

Photos of two Pixel 6 devices

From the back, the Pixel 6a may look like this, but contains different hardware.
Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo

Autumn products Launch an onslaught It may have slowed down, but now we are looking forward to next year.According to reports, the new Pixel 6 may join the lineup 9to5Google. A leaked The Pixel 6a spec sheet reveals Features of mid-range mobile phones, A sort ofAlthough it looks like The Pixel 6a looks like its more expensive sibling and runs on Google’s custom Tensor boat, which may be included in the Pixel 3’s outdated camera hardware.

Earlier this week, Give way Pixel 6a rendering show Upcoming phone share Design similar to other lineups. 6a Displayed as a rectangle, including the iconic sharp corners of Pixel 6.There is also a black camera strip on the back with Several lenses and flashes.

However, the internal camera hardware is not the latest and greatest. Pixel 6a can use the Sony IMX363 sensor, which is the same sensor used in each version of Pixel 3 and Pixel 5a before.This means that 6a will not provide Same camera performance as Pixel 6, because the latter has a larger Image sensor that allows it to capture So much light.

But Google has shown It can do miracles with The camera software and the fact that the Pixel 6a may have a Tensor chip inside indicate its capabilities.this Tensor processing unitOr TPU, which drives all the machine learning intelligence of Pixel phones.Although the camera performance is For example, the top Pixel 6 Pro, its capabilities may be almost the same-Same as previous A series pixels Managed to impress In them Mid-price.

Google can also use Pixel 6a to boost language processing capabilities on its devices, which can be achieved by That TPU chip. I think I might mention all the things Google Photos can do with the hardware assistant, like Magic eraser, If you load a specific APK next to Google Photos, it is technically applicable to other Pixel devices, but it relies on the TPU chip to perform its replacement processing.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Pixel 6a includes Google’s chips are what the company can provide Extended software update support-even longer than the three years provided for past equipment. Google promises That Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will provide up to five years of software update support, Make it possible That domestic chip. Imagine that as long as you pay $400 for a mobile phone, this is the historical cost of the A series at the time of launch, and a smartphone that can last for five years.

That’s all: EEven these rumored specifications Not set in stone, it sounds like Google most Affordable smartphones may be getting A meaningful upgrade-even if the camera is not as good as we hoped.

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